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Vendor Selection Solutions

The Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workforce Management (WFM) marketplace offers more interesting options than ever. And they all demo really, really well.

The goal of Wise’s vendor selection process is to define your most complex and unique requirements, identify systems that handle those requirements (otherwise, why bother looking at them?), and then prepare and guide your team to thoughtfully and knowledgeably choose the best solution.

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Do You Really Need a New System?

The biggest reason we hear why people want to change vendors is that they are not happy with the support!  If there are other factors involved such as the system cannot scale, company has significantly changed since implemented, system limitations, inability to find staff with system experience, etc., then it is time for a new system.

Before deciding to walk away from your current system, contact us to conduct a System Utilization Review.  Either way, it will prepare you for entering into a vendor selection project.

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Vendor Selection Support Services Include:




Team Enagement


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The Wise Vendor Selection Process

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It starts with a questionnaire designed to pull current and desired requirements out of the heads of your project stakeholders. We then compile the results and identify discrepancies or opportunities to streamline and facilitate team decision-making.



Once requirements are finalized, the Wise team prepares your Targeted Information Request (TIR). As opposed to the more traditional Request for Proposal (RFP), the TIR focuses on your most complex and unique requirements, overall cultural fit between your organization and the vendor, and costs.



Vendor responses are compiled and scored before the team decides which vendors to invite for consideration and demonstration. Our provided demo guide and the deep dive “show us” questions we ask during the demonstrations ensure you’re seeing/understanding the actual system capabilities – how they match up to your unique requirements.


Team Engagement

Almost there! Following each demonstration, Wise facilitates a debrief and scoring session with your team. When the demonstrations and follow-up questions are complete, we compile your executive summary inclusive of cost justification to help you gain final approval.



Streamlined and Effective – Wise Consulting helps you make the best choices. Our client-side implementation services round out the process by further engaging your Wise team to fulfill the vision defined with your vendor of choice during this selection project!

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