UltiPro Project And Change Management


Wise brings expertise that comes from many years of partnering with Ultimate Software, working on legacy Ultimate systems, and implementing UltiPro since its' initial release.

Your Wise project manager will partner with UltiPro to understand the assignments and deadlines associated with the client-side tasks. Internal resources will be rallied and supported to complete tasks efficiently and on time.

There are two sides to every implementation – the vendor side and the client side. As experts in, and certified implementation consultants in Ultimate Software's UltiPro, we fully understand both. The Sky is the Limit with what you can accomplish with Wise by your side.


Wise Consulting's UltiPro Project Management Support Services Include:

True Partner

Proven Toolkit

Not "Just" Project Management

Change Management


  • Interfaces to third party vendors and all kinds of other internal systems
  • Customizing to meet unique needs for accruals, eligibility, custom expressions, web design, etc.
  • UltiPro analysis and configuration
  • System reconfiguration – when your needs change after initial implementation/activation
  • Data conversion / cleansing
  • Software upgrade assistance
  • Security analysis and setup – if things seem too cumbersome or limited, let us take a look
  • Workflow development
  • Report development and planning
  • Design and development of interfaces and carrier feeds
  • Preparing and support help for open enrollment season
  • Year-end project support

UltiPro Project Management

You will be ready for lift off with Wise Consulting by your side performing in-depth UltiPro Project Management.


True Partner

Your Wise Project Manager has in-depth UltiPro HCM / WFM system functional knowledge and has been through many implementations. Collaborating with your assigned vendor implementation team, client-side tasks are mapped out and timelines established to ensure your project is completed as expected.


Proven Toolkit

Utilizing SmartSheet, your Wise project manager creates a central repository that keeps everyone on the team well informed and coordinated. Beyond a project plan, this toolkit centralizes every document, decision, issue, and result. Rated an “A++” by our clients, the project dashboard for team members and executive sponsors significantly reduces ambiguity and team stress.


Not "Just" Project Management

As system and functional experts, Wise Project Managers are not “just task masters”. They offer guidance and advice on best practices and can fill in resource gaps and take over tasks as you may need and direct.

UltiPro Change Management


Introducing a new UltiPro HCM / WFM solution impacts every employee. You may be rolling out self-service, performance management, or analytics for the first time.

No single methodology fits every company. Looking for the most effective and practical approach for your organization is the first step in our process. Each communication device (poster, email, video, etc.) is discussed and mapped out. Your Wise team will then develop as much or as little of the content as you determine.

The Sky is the Limit with your new UltiPro HCM / WFM solution. It’s time to get managers and employees excited!