System Utilization And Process Review

System Utilization And Process Review

Your HCM solution is live and now it is time to optimize and maximize your investment. It is important to continue to broaden the system features to take advantage of new functionality and streamline your processes. Wise works with your team to determine a roadmap to take full advantage of your system in a short time.



Team Engagement

Configuration Analysis

Results and Action Items



System Utilization services serve two purposes:

  • Assessing current functionality and processes for improvement
  • Examining additional system features and functions to create a roadmap and increase utilization and return on investment

Team Engagement

During the Workshop, our consultants interview key stakeholders, including management and end users, to understand their unique processes, challenges and vision. This engages your team to uncover struggles or inefficiencies and educates them to identify un- or under-utilized system capabilities.


Configuration Analysis

Bringing a fresh perspective and insight from your team, we evaluate your current configuration and workflows. Organizational climate at the time of implementation and subsequent organizational changes are taken into account.


Results & Action Items

A report with findings and recommendations is presented to the team. This report identifies specific steps needed and defines a path to complete these steps.


Use the road map provided by Wise to elevate your organization to higher heights.

The Sky is the Limit!



• Specialist resources with knowledge, experience, training, continual education, certification (CPP, FPC)

• Partnership aligned with organization’s strategy

• Advanced technology usage and leverage

• Security and confidentiality risk reduction

• Automation whenever possible to reduce errors from manual intervention

• Opportunity to redeploy internal people or reallocate positions

• Eliminate turnover risk

• Savings of expenses in recruitment, retention, training, development, and certification

• Increased service level performance

“Wise Consulting took the time to understand our business and the intricacies of our processes. They gave us helpful work tips to not only enhance our use of technology but to improve our internal efficiencies as well. Our project would not have been a success without the support and guidance of the Wise Consulting team.”

— Mount St. Mary’s College & Seminary