Achieving Payroll Confidence

Problems with payroll can spell big trouble for employers and contribute to employee dissatisfaction. Compliance issues can lead to legal and financial repercussions. When you have a challenge in payroll, you want to trust that you have the most knowledgeable, experienced support available.

Improve Accuracy & Compliance

Payroll Process Review

A Payroll Process Review will examine the entire sequence of events that coordinate each payroll cycle from top to bottom. Your Wise consultant will communicate key insights and recommendations about how to improve your process, giving you the expertise you need to make it more efficient, accurate, compliant and secure.

Meeting your Need

Short & Long-Term Payroll Support

Our certified payroll consultants bring their knowledge of best practices and practitioner experience to your organization for short and long-term support needs. U.S. and Canadian certified, Wise consultants get to know your unique processes and work with you to achieve seamless transitions, detailed documentation, year-end success and much more.

Keep Current & Compliant

Tax Regulation & Compliance

Keeping current with ever-changing federal, state and local tax regulations is essential. Performing regular audits and staying in compliance avoids costly penalties, wasted time, the need to file W-2c forms and employee dissatisfaction. Wise’s U.S. and Canadian certified payroll consultants keep you informed and on track to remain fully compliant.

Engage Early for Best Outcomes

Year-End Support

Wise consultants perform year-end planning, balance & audit year-end data to produce accurate W-2’s, audit quarterly & annual tax returns and ensure no year-end tasks fall by the wayside. Engaging with Wise early to assure all is in order before year-end avoids costly penalties and time-consuming extra work. A solid year-end starts with a great year-begin.

Payroll Protection

Business Continuity & Emergency Planning

If a key payroll employee leaves or a natural disaster strikes, do you have a partner who can seamlessly step in and run your payroll? Wise consultants will work remotely with you and your team to document your payroll process so they can jump in to keep your payroll going with no lead-time if emergency strikes. Your Payroll Support contract with Wise is like an insurance policy that can be triggered at any time to seamlessly continue your payroll process when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Managing Change & Growth

Acquisition, Merger & Spin-Off Support

Wise Consulting understands the areas of risk, key considerations, and guiding principles that are essential to a successful transition. Leveraging leading-edge technology in support of core HR and Payroll functional requirements, Wise leads the transition process, making sure your unique challenges are addressed and critical deadlines are met.

Skills & Knowledge


Our culture of employee-ownership at Wise Consulting encourages ongoing learning and development of advanced expertise. We go further and offer the same to clients, with training available in:

  • Report Writing – Wise offers both Cognos Analytics and Dayforce Reporting. Your people will pick up skills they can use right away to pull data out of their HCM system.
  • Self Service – From general training to one-on-one sessions, our instructors bring quality training to your employees.
  • Payroll Administration – Wise helps your payroll team learn their new system, taking advantage of features and processes to streamline their work to achieve accurate, compliant payroll.

Our Services

At Wise, the practitioner experience and hands-on knowledge our consultants have in specialized fields means we can offer high-quality support services across the Human Capital Management and Payroll spectrum.

Our Partners

At Wise Consulting, we believe that relationships are important. Just as we are passionate about providing the best possible support to our clients, for over twenty years Wise has been committed to productive partnership with two innovative companies that offer award-winning single-solution HCM Cloud Software product suites.

Our Resources

Our blog and videos are packed full of information about all things Human Capital Management and Payroll. For insight into what is happening in the HCM world and tips from our experienced consultants about optimizing your resources, click to learn.

“When our payroll manager left…it was really important to us to make sure we continued to provide excellent service to employees. Having the contract with Wise allowed us to do that. If we had not had that back-up support, it would have been a significant challenge for us to continue to provide our employees with the uninterrupted service they expect.”

Donna Casner, Vice President of Finance,
National Lutheran Communities & Services