Protecting your Payroll Process

Wise Managed Services are unique in the flexibility of support we offer. We partner with you to take on the components of your payroll process that you want professionally managed. Our industry-certified payroll professionals provide full-cycle payroll administration, or stand-alone garnishment administration with a host of support services available for either option. Whatever level of support you desire, Wise helps you achieve a more accurate, secure and protected payroll process.

We Have Your Payroll Covered

Services To Fit Your Needs

Deciding how and where to use managed payroll services can be a challenge. With Wise Consulting, you can customize your package to fit exactly what you need. Looking for assistance with Payroll administration? We've got you covered! Interested in exploring Garnishments administration? No problem, we can help with that! Take a look at the services below, which can fall into either option to understand how your Managed Services can be customized for your specific needs.

Payroll Administration

Managed Services include the full range of payroll management and administrative tasks. You continue to use your software, and you retain your corporate policies. Wise payroll professionals can perform the following (and more) on your behalf:

  • Complete your payroll audits, annual reporting requests, quarter-end and year-end reconciliations, weekly status calls & system workflow reviews
  • Calculate statutory pay based on federal, state and local requirements, retroactive payments & garnishments
  • Reconcile wage and tax, including lived-in/worked-in nexus
  • Review executive compensation reasonability & payroll commit
  • Set Up new payroll earning and deduction codes
  • Create on-demand checks and/or off-cycle runs as needed

Wise extends dedicated payroll-related customer support to your employees and managers, tailoring your managed services experience to meet your specific needs.

Garnishments & Wage Attachment Administration

Wise will manage your garnishments from initial receipt through termination. Garnishments management can include but is not limited to:

  • Establishing communication with agencies
  • Sending courtesy notifications to affected employees
  • Fielding employee questions by email or phone
  • Liaising with third-party payment services

Your complete solution for Garnishment Administration, Wise payroll professionals are familiar with all complexities on state and federal levels. Learn more about how we can help with your Garnishment Administration and Management below.

Stay Accurate and Compliant

Tax Oversight

Experts in U.S. and Canada payroll tax, Wise consultants can assist you with balancing and validating your quarterly and annual wage and tax data to ensure accurate W-2’s and T-4’s. We can provide support with agency notices, tax return reconciliation and post-year-end adjustments, including W-2c’s and amended T-4’s. The Wise team can also interpret new and changing tax laws to determine how they affect your employee population.

Get your Processes in Order

Support for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance & Segregation of Duties

Is your company subject to SOX compliance? Wise consultants can review your processes to ensure you are capturing, storing and disseminating payroll information in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Wise will partner with you to institute internal controls and reporting methods to ensure the adequacy of those controls and establish appropriate segregation of duties.

Stay Secure as Methods Evolve

Secure Data Management

Wise adheres to record retention regulations for payroll and offers customized cloud-based data and file storage, secure data transmission, and file management. With multiple secure data options, you can trust that inbound and outbound file exchange of payroll records and archive retrieval is safe and efficient.

Keep Payroll Running

Process Optimization & Payroll Continuity

Does your organization have a reliable payroll back-up plan in case of emergency? Some clients come to us with very little in the way of checklists, process documentation, or written procedures to support business continuity in case of a gap in resources. Wise payroll professionals work onsite or remotely to document your processes and become your resource for seamless payroll continuity when needed. Wise excels in evaluating processes in relationship to your unique business policy and works with you to develop, improve upon and implement an effective and compliant payroll process.

Mitigate Risk with Best Practices

Compliance & Risk Management

Partnering with Wise offers confidence that your organization is adhering to compliant payroll practices. The knowledge our Certified Payroll Professionals have of US federal, state, and local as well as Canada federal and provincial regulations enables Wise to provide more accurate payroll output. Wise payroll professionals will offer best practice solutions to increase efficiencies, establish improved process workflow, validate documented processes, all to mitigate your risk in regard to payroll functions.


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At Wise Consulting, we believe that relationships are important. Just as we are passionate about providing the best possible support to our clients, for over twenty years Wise has been committed to productive partnership with two innovative companies that offer award-winning single-solution HCM Cloud Software product suites.

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"We reached out to Wise Consulting for emergency temporary support and they immediately responded. We were so pleased with their support and expertise, we signed less than a year later for long-term outsourced managed services and ongoing technical and HRIS support!  Wise has been with us every step of the way and continues to guide us on best practices. I know I am well taken care of by my Wise Team!" 

Vice President of Human Resources