Wise Experts Add Value

Acquisitions & Mergers, Report Development & Training, Data Extraction & Conversion, Integrations, Benefits Consulting: these are just a few of the many tasks Wise can help you tackle. With deep industry knowledge and experience solving all types of unique challenges, Wise consultants are expert practitioners who work as an extension of your team to help you achieve your best possible outcomes.

Managing Change & Growth

Acquisitions, Mergers & Spin-Off Support

Wise Consulting understands the areas of risk, key considerations, and guiding principles that are essential to a successful transition. Leveraging leading-edge technology in support of core HR and Payroll functional requirements, Wise leads the transition process, making sure your unique challenges are addressed and critical deadlines are met.

Pre-TSA Through Full Implementation, Transition & Ongoing Operations.

Information Accessibility

Report Development & Training

Accurate, real-time information is the key to better managing your organization and making wise, actionable management decisions. Wise consultants work with you to understand your reporting needs, and to unlock your system(s) to provide your management team with vital information. Together, we review specific goals to create new reports, modify or combine existing reports, and provide you with expertise on overall report writing functionality. Wise offers unique services around extracting/reporting historical data from other systems. From Dashboards, to Business Intelligence, to Custom Reports, Wise has you covered.

Clean & Accurate Data

Data Extraction & Conversion

One of the key tasks in a new HCM implementation is extracting and cleaning the data from your legacy system, then transforming it into the information required by your new system. When this process is rushed or sloppy, it can result in painful outcomes. Understanding your data, cleaning it properly, and preparing it for import into a new HCM system is a big job, and can be a significant project pitfall. It is always more time-consuming than expected. Wise experts have managed this process hundreds of times and can help you get it done right the first time around.

Enabling Interface

Systems Integrations

Your people are the heart of your organization, and unlocking your information is the key to improving outcomes. Achieving integration of HCM products can be tricky, cause errors, create frustrating manual work and take more time than it should. But passing data between systems doesn’t have to be this way: Wise can help you improve the pace and accuracy of your integrations. Our consultants truly understand the underlying data as well as your vendor database and tools. With our experience in creating automation of manual processes, Wise saves you time & money and delivers reliable, seamless data.

Configure for Long-Term Success

Benefits Admin System Consulting

Benefits consultants at Wise have decades of practitioner experience as well as expertise gathered via many hands-on client implementations. Focusing on administrative and technical requirements, your Wise consultant will learn your organization’s unique benefits and guide you to a system configuration that will support your long-term goals and help you dodge potential pitfalls. We understand the capabilities and limitations of HCM systems and coach you on managing changing day-to-day considerations as benefits and employee eligibilities shift. We help you set up your system to work for you not only now, but into the future so you don’t face a total overhaul each year at open enrollment.


Our Services

At Wise, the practitioner experience and hands-on knowledge our consultants have in specialized fields means we can offer high-quality support services across the Human Capital Management and Payroll spectrum.

Our Partners

At Wise Consulting, we believe that relationships are important. Just as we are passionate about providing the best possible support to our clients, for over twenty years Wise has been committed to productive partnership with two innovative companies that offer award-winning single-solution HCM Cloud Software product suites.

Our Resources

Our blog and videos are packed full of information about all things Human Capital Management and Payroll. For insight into what is happening in the HCM world and tips from our experienced consultants about optimizing your resources, click to learn.

“Your team has helped us move at a pace that was not possible before. We were doing things in 30 days that were taking 3-6 months before. [The Wise] team enhances our capabilities, they teach us along the way so that we have the skills and experience level, and the brainstorming about how to solve the problem. Those are all things that we can’t get through the normal ticket and service request process. You should be proud of the people you have. It’s very impressive.”

Carl Schleyer, VP of Total Rewards and HR, Encore