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Chances are, you have already been through one or two cycles of Dayforce upgrades. New features and functionality are being rolled out regularly ~ at least twice per year. Chances are also very likely you have do not have the time, nor the resource bandwidth to truly analyze each change, nor strategize on the value to your organization.

Wise can help! Enrolling in our Upgrade Service Program keeps your Dayforce system current and saves time and cost while continuing to increase your overall ROI.

Support Solutions Include:

Upgrade Management

Upgrade Assessment

Upgrade Support

Testing and Final Rollout


Dayforce Upgrade Management and Support

After you receive the email notification of the upgrade, (usually 6-8 in advance) We present the Release Notes, prepare an Executive Summary, and prepare an Organization Guide and Impact Analysis.


Upgrade Assessment

Wise works with you to analyze upgrade contents and strategize on value, timing, and level of effort to complete. (This phase is usually 1-2 weeks) We take an in-depth look at each release to fully understand where and how each new feature could be of benefit to your unique requirements and configuration.

Our initial system assessment and completed matrix allow us to map those new features to your specific footprint. We also look at the upgrade's:

  • Current process improvements
  • Look/Feel changes
  • Brand new functionality
  • Quick wins

We assist in determining training, documentation, and communication needs.

Test instance is upgraded as well.


Upgrade Service Package

As a subscriber to Wise’s System Upgrade Services, we will:

* Review each release with an eye on your business model

* Identify changes that may benefit your business

* Present recommendations

* Discuss implementation requirements and strategy

* Review testing preparedness

* Provide sample organization communication pieces


Pricing is fixed and depends upon the modules you have in place.


Testing and Final Rollout

The final steps include:

Testing (at least one FTE to coordinate)

* Production is upgraded

* Final testing

* Rollout!


The Sky is the Limit!