Ceridian Dayforce Benefits & Open Enrollment

Ceridian Benefits & Open Enrollment Support


Wise Consulting has extensive experience configuring all benefits types to properly handle eligibility, coverage and premium calculations, and bi-directional integrations. Count on Wise to resolve any current issues and ensure you are well positioned for your next open enrollment period.

Support Solutions Include:

Ceridian Dayforce Benefit Plan Review

Ceridian Dayforce Integrations

Ceridian Dayforce Open Enrollment

Ceridian Dayforce Work-Life Event, Life Event, New Hire Event

Ceridian Dayforce Benefits Administration

ACA Reporting


Benefit Plan Review

Each current benefit plan (health & welfare, life, disability, 401(k), voluntary, etc.) is examined and matched against current configuration. New plans are added. Updates to rates or eligibility criteria are completed.



During new implementations or for carrier or plan changes, the Wise team can streamline the detailed process of moving employee and election data from your Dayforce HCM solution to each appropriate carrier. Wise coordinates with benefit providers to obtain current specifications. If vendors have pre-defined carrier integrations, Wise coordinates with your vendor to make those available to you. If coding is needed, Wise technical specialists complete the mapping and file definition, working with each carrier for planned testing.


Open Enrollment

Initially working with you to identify key dates, the Wise benefits specialists configure your Dayforce HCM solution for any plan updates and for appropriate open enrollment periods. The enrollment itself is configured to add the plans, eligibility rules, and the plan year calendar. Training materials are prepared, if appropriate. Testing is completed. Support is provided during the critical open enrollment period


Work-Event, Life-Event, New Hire Event

Whether during the initial implementation or to adjust the configuration for process changes, the Wise consultant will work with you to identify which HR events are appropriate for you. Each associated ‘trigger’ is set up with the appropriate plans and, most importantly, the eligibility rules to ensure employees are able to handle these changes on their own.


Benefits Administration

Wise will provide guidance to allow you to make the most of your Dayforce HCM solution to streamline your benefits administration processes. This includes carrier reconciliation, billing, and enrollment accuracy.


ACA Reporting

The Wise team ensures you and your data are ready for accurate and timely ACA reporting. The Wise Consultant guides you to examine your data via the ACA export. Tips for streamlining your audit and data updates are shared, allowing you to easily edit the reportable data to account for part-time nuances, unique scenarios, etc. After re-importing, your Dayforce HCM is ready to handle your 1094 and 1095 processing.

Streamline your benefits integrations and open enrollment with specialized assistance from Wise Consulting.

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