Dayforce Acquisition, Spinoff, & Merger Support


Wise Consulting has assisted many organizations as they acquire new companies, are spun-off or are experiencing significant organic growth. Each situation brings great opportunity and interesting challenges. When senior leadership is being pulled in many directions, Wise can help quickly assess your situation and lay out the options and timelines to ensure the HR/Payroll solution is ready on time. Meet your “drop dead” dates by having Wise by your side.

“One of the greatest challenges we have with our transition to Dayforce and our efforts to produce timely, accurate payroll is to learn what we don’t know about our various systems. Your consultant’s broad knowledge and positive attitude have been valuable in learning about and dealing with this knowledge gap. Wise Consulting helped us focus on our needs and be prepared for this important deadline.”

— John S., VP Finance/Controller, Bartell Drugs



Your decision to fold your new employees into your existing structure and policies, or allow the acquired company to retain their structure and policies, has a very large impact on this project.

Folding into your structure? The project becomes more about data mapping and data conversion.

Retaining their structure? You are basically looking at a full implementation. New company requirements are defined. Configuration completed which may include org, pay policies, entitlements, positions, etc. Testing is required. Plus, data mapping and conversion.

We understand time is usually tight. We discuss options and bring in our tax specialists to address any questions on handling previous wages and employer taxes paid depending upon the structure of the acquisition itself.



As the company being spun off, you likely are creating all new HR policies, negotiating new benefit plans, and may be changing pay-specific items as well, including pay frequency. We understand that this is just one of the many crucial areas being defined and staffed as your new organization is forming.

Depending upon the length of your transition services agreement (TSA), the time frame for making decisions, selecting and preparing a new system, loading employee data, and performing at least some level of testing is crazy. But it is what it is.

Wise Consulting has partnered with many spinoff companies and understands the issues and the constraints. The Wise approach is to act on your behalf, recommending best practices and policies, interacting with third parties, creating a payroll function, and executing all required conversion tasks. Wise will assume the day-to-day functional payroll tasks until you are ready to take over, training your new hires. Or, Wise Managed Payroll may be a better longer-term solution.



Growing organically brings its own set of potential challenges within HR and Payroll. Is the system configured/optimized to meet your changing needs? Is your payroll staff experienced enough to handle a more complex organization? Are you prepared for moving into new states or countries?

Wise Consulting understands growth challenges and brings experienced consultants with insight, recommendations, and hands’ on assistance to ensure your Dayforce HCM and your payroll department continue to run smoothly.

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