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FFCRA and CARES are In Effect…What’s Next?

These unprecedented times are calling for difficult business decisions. Companies of all sizes are performing critical analysis in order to maximize budgets to retain staff, attempt to take advantage of government relief, and maintain employee pay and benefits. Wise payroll managers have compiled a list of considerations to help you ask essential questions and examine…

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Prepare for Fluctuating Garnishments

How is the Pandemic Affecting Garnishments? While the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a temporary hold on federally-funded student loans, at some point these wage garnishments, and the necessity of processing them, will resume. Additionally, with courts currently not in session, many standard proceedings that result in orders have ceased. When it’s business as usual, the…

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How are Cloud-Based HCM Systems Changing the Game for HR?

Organizations are always on the lookout for ways to reduce outlay while trying to achieve ambitious goals for growth and expansion. Cloud-based HCM technology, also referred to as HRIS, can be a game-changer for companies who want to improve the employee experience and increase efficiency. A well-utilized HCM system can also reduce the stress of…

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An Overview of Cloud HCM Software and its Benefits

Once upon a time, an organization could buy HR and payroll software, install it physically on-premise and complete the subsequent required installation of updates as the product evolved.  Time passed and the Internet grew up, becoming more sophisticated with the advent of online commerce, user interface advancements and a multitude of entertainment and social media….

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll Function

Among the many tasks that payroll professionals cite as frustrating, staying up to speed on ever-changing government tax regulations and the cost of correcting mistakes or paying penalties for errors are at the top of the list. Add to that the relentless and cyclical nature of payroll–it has to go out accurately and on time,…

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Year-End is Upon Us. Have You Completed These Important Steps?

Year-End is Upon Us. Have You Completed These Important Steps?

Year-end is approaching faster than you think, which typically means heightened stress levels as your HR department scrambles to manage auditing, tax reconciliation, W-2 preparation and other headaches. Are you dreading this important but anxiety-inducing time of year? Wise can help you manage it the right way. Read on to learn how the Wise team…

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It’s Crucial to Update Your Carrier Feeds During Open Enrollment. Here is How Wise Can Help.

The 2020 open enrollment period is fast-approaching, and if you don’t already know the importance of updating your carrier feeds during this crucial season, it is time that you do. Read on to learn what carrier feeds are, how they are important for HR management and how Wise can walk you through the entire process….

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You Can’t Miss Payroll!

Companies can put themselves in a dangerous situation if they don’t have enough resources to support their Payroll function. Even in large or mid-sized organizations, the Payroll department is often fairly small—with some companies having only one or two people to handle everything. With these limited resources, Payroll is susceptible to a number of problems…

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Have You Started Thinking About Year End? Let Us Show You How to Have a Smooth One

Have You Started Thinking About Year End? Let Us Show You How to Have a Smooth One 

The sun is shining, the trees are green and the temperatures are high—so, it may seem like a strange time to be thinking about the cold and short days of year’s end. However, hear us out. Year end is coming, whether you are thinking about it or not. Year end is a time for thick…

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You Can Use HR Software to Maximize Employee Happiness. Young professionals bonding in the office.

You Can Use HR Software to Maximize Employee Happiness

How You Can Use Your HR and Payroll Systems to Help Maximize Employee Happiness   Employee happiness may be one of the single most important metrics within a company. Why? Because happy employees are more productive—they work harder and longer because they know that they are valued and that their work has meaning. But, how…

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Implementation Support

Wise works as a skilled, experienced extension of your team to help you make the best decisions for your organization’s unique needs throughout the life-cycle of your critical implementation project.

Payroll Support

Fully certified Wise payroll experts have valuable practitioner experience and a commitment to staying on top of tax regulations, security and compliance issues.

HCM Technology Support

Experienced, knowledgeable Wise consultants offer expertise to fix stubborn problems and complete critical projects that help you optimize your HCM technology.

“We have a very skilled team and yet every time we are interacting with Wise, you
guys are teaching me something. Augmenting staff with best practices from someone
who has been there before really helps the pace of an integration project. We think
of Wise as members of our own team and grant them that same level of autonomy.”

Carl Schleyer, Vice President
Total Rewards And Human Resources For PSAV