Managed Payroll Support

What are the Benefits of Managed Payroll?

When it comes to protecting payroll continuity, one of the best things you can do for your business is to tap into the expertise, security and reliability of professional managed payroll services for some or all of your payroll functions. A reputable managed payroll service providing full or partial payroll administration coverage should improve efficiency,…

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3 Tips for Protecting Payroll Continuity

All employees deserve to be paid accurately and on time, every time. However, sometimes unforeseen events can threaten to interrupt payroll or cause mistakes in issuing pay. Whether the person in charge of payroll has a medical emergency or a natural disaster strikes the day payroll is typically processed, we’ve got three tips below to…

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Understanding the Appeal of Managed Payroll

At Wise, we have seen an 87% increase in interest in our Flexible Managed Payroll over the last year, and a 275% increase since 2019. While we know from client feedback that our team of payroll professionals are doing an amazing job, we went digging to find out what other factors account for this surge…

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Flexible Managed Payroll: Smart Outsourcing for Compliance and Continuity

If this tumultuous year has revealed that you need to look at payroll with a closer lens or even outsource some or all payroll functions to a professional team, know that there are options for you—Lorry Twisdale, Wise Consulting’s Director of Managed Services, shares the options to consider, and discusses why so many companies are…

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businessman filling out a tax form for year-end

You Could be Eligible for More COVID Credits Than you Think

At Wise, we are hearing from companies who either don’t think they can claim any payroll tax relief through the FFCRA and CARES Acts, or who are wondering if they should bother trying. Our tax team understands that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed because tracking payments and credits sounds like a lot of work on…

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two employees writing on a big notepad

Flexible Managed Payroll – Getting Help Without Breaking the Budget

While outsourcing an entire payroll process to experts works for many companies, what about when all you need is help with reporting, mass imports, garnishments, taxes or another payroll function? Particularly this year, with the various pandemic-response Acts, changes to forms and the vastly increased need for tracking, auditing and reconciliation, many companies are in…

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A Look at the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was created under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities (CARES) Act to provide relief to small businesses adversely impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The plan to issue forgivable loans to businesses needing to make payroll in uncertain circumstances was intended to help businesses stay afloat while still paying…

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Why Keeping Detailed Payroll Records is Vital

Payroll is complicated, confidential and constant. The business of maintaining detailed records and reports on behalf of employees is highly regulated. The IRS cares, and so does the U.S. Department of Labor. Its Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has rigid rules regarding recordkeeping that must be followed, and which are different for exempt and nonexempt…

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll Function

Among the many tasks that payroll professionals cite as frustrating, staying up to speed on ever-changing government tax regulations and the cost of correcting mistakes or paying penalties for errors are at the top of the list. Add to that the relentless and cyclical nature of payroll–it has to go out accurately and on time,…

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you can't miss payroll

You Can’t Miss Payroll!

Companies can put themselves in a dangerous situation if they don’t have enough resources to support their Payroll function. Even in large or mid-sized organizations, the Payroll department is often fairly small—with some companies having only one or two people to handle everything. With these limited resources, Payroll is susceptible to a number of problems…

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Implementation Support

Wise works as a skilled, experienced extension of your team to help you make the best decisions for your organization’s unique needs throughout the life-cycle of your critical implementation project.

Payroll Support

Fully certified Wise payroll experts have valuable practitioner experience and a commitment to staying on top of tax regulations, security and compliance issues.

HCM Technology Support

Experienced, knowledgeable Wise consultants offer expertise to fix stubborn problems and complete critical projects that help you optimize your HCM technology.

“We have a very skilled team and yet every time we are interacting with Wise, you
guys are teaching me something. Augmenting staff with best practices from someone
who has been there before really helps the pace of an integration project. We think
of Wise as members of our own team and grant them that same level of autonomy.”

Carl Schleyer, Vice President
Total Rewards And Human Resources For PSAV