Implementation Support

hr and payroll software employees working at their desk

Do You Really Need a New System or Vendor?

HR and payroll professionals often become frustrated by the limited support they receive from payroll and HR system vendors. In fact, vendor support challenges are the primary reason that most companies seek out new systems. But an expensive and time consuming decision like changing your entire HR system is not always the solution.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a New HRIS

Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a New HRIS

A human resource information system, or HRIS, streamlines the necessary processes of your human resource department by storing data electronically and automating certain functions and tasks. While the payroll and HR experts at Wise recommend fully leveraging the best HR system for you to ease your day-to-day HR activities, make sure to avoid making these…

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Laptop showing hcm software payroll data

Making Solid Data Conversion Decisions

When implementing a new HR/Payroll system, converting data from your current system is a major task and the choices you make about what data you move is not as obvious as you may believe. The choices can free your system to fulfill your future vision, or bog it down forever.

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Wise Consulting professionals reviewing workforce management systems

Workforce Management Systems: How Wise Can Help Your Expectations Become Reality

Picture this: after calling vendor after vendor and listening to sales pitch after sales pitch, you finally settle on a new time and attendance system. In fact, the whole process took so long that, turns out, time and attendance systems are now called workforce management systems. But, you’ve finally made a decision. Your vendor has…

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Getting a Handle on Your Requirements

There is a lot to think about before you implement a new HR/Payroll system. All of your requirements from top to bottom need to be completely defined before you can have a successful implementation. So you must first ensure that you have your key project team members engaged in the project and they thoroughly understand…

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Lead Your Implementation

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4 major pitfalls of using multiple payroll systems

4 Major Pitfalls of Using Multiple Systems

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Paving The Way For A Truly Utilized HCM System: A System Review Journey

When you first started exploring the possibility of changing your HR/Payroll system, there were most likely several presentations outlining the functionality of the potential Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) for your organization. Based on all the great things you saw; your organization made the decision to migrate to a new HCM platform. Now that you…

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Time is money with hcm implementation

Spending Time To Prepare For An HCM Implementation

By fostering company-wide collaboration and cultivating employee skills, HCM solutions help save time, effort and money, helping you capitalize more effectively on the productivity and talents of your employees. Its capabilities extend beyond core HR functions to identifying, attracting, engaging and retaining top talent while cultivating the full potential of your employees through internal training,…

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Implementation Support

Wise works as a skilled, experienced extension of your team to help you make the best decisions for your organization’s unique needs throughout the life-cycle of your critical implementation project.

Payroll Support

Fully certified Wise payroll experts have valuable practitioner experience and a commitment to staying on top of tax regulations, security and compliance issues.

HCM Technology Support

Experienced, knowledgeable Wise consultants offer expertise to fix stubborn problems and complete critical projects that help you optimize your HCM technology.

“We have a very skilled team and yet every time we are interacting with Wise, you
guys are teaching me something. Augmenting staff with best practices from someone
who has been there before really helps the pace of an integration project. We think
of Wise as members of our own team and grant them that same level of autonomy.”

Carl Schleyer, Vice President
Total Rewards And Human Resources For PSAV