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Decrease Turnover Rate and Improve Your Onboarding Process With an HCM Implementation

One benefit of cloud-based HCM systems that is not spoken about enough is their capability to improve employee morale and retention rates. As turnover increases across industries in the United States, companies are looking at how improving their internal human capital management strategy could make a positive impact on achieving better employee retention.    Though…

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Discovery & Analysis: Why The Pre-Planning Phase Can Make or Break Your Implementation

Implementation is like playing in a championship game. Though the actual game is what can clinch the trophy, your team had to spend weeks training to get ready to perform. With implementation, your ‘go-live’ date may feel like game-time, but it’s all the hard laying of groundwork that will bring you a resounding win. Adopting…

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Implementing HCM Software: A Step-By-Step Process

Implementing new HCM software is a complex process requiring knowledgeable resources and project management—it requires months of planning, data transfer, employee training, testing and re-testing to get it right. However, if your organization has clearly defined goals that you’re looking to accomplish—and you approach the initiative with preparation and forethought—a new HCM system can offer…

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New Year, New HCM!

The new year is here, and organizations of all sizes are shifting focus to 2022 initiatives. Is an HCM implementation a priority for your organization in the upcoming calendar year? Since implementing an HCM is no simple (or expeditious) feat, our Wise consultants have compiled for you the best questions to ask early on if…

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Tips for Dodging HCM Implementation Pitfalls

A new HCM system implementation involves more than just following a set of instructions and pressing the Go Live button. A lot more. This is where the ‘not knowing what you don’t know’ factor can be a real problem. The choices you make in building the foundation of your system directly impact the outcome of…

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Insider Tips for HCM Implementation Success from Jennifer Wise

Achieving successful HCM system implementation goes far beyond simply flipping a switch. That’s why pre- and post-implementation support is so crucial, and it is also why so many companies invest in skilled support from Wise Consulting to ensure optimal implementation and achievement of HCM goals.   Jennifer Wise, the freshly retired fearless founder of Wise…

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Planning for Implementation Success

From carefully choosing the right HCM software platform for your organization through all the steps to reach “Go Live,” there’s an impressive amount of planning required to complete a successful implementation. Outlining clear-cut business objectives, equipping your organization and employees for change, anticipating resource gaps and ensuring optimal system set-up for your organization’s specific needs…

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Thinking About a New HCM System Implementation in 2021?

Many organizations that postponed HCM implementations in 2020 are eagerly eyeing 2021. With more employees working remote than ever before, companies are realizing that the accuracy, automation, employee self-service features and analytics a modern HCM system offers are key to moving forward with confidence as the workplace stratosphere evolves. Wise consultant, Becky Logan, CPP, shares…

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Implementing a New HCM System – Should it be Part of Your 2021 Strategy?

Purchasing and implementing cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software is a huge investment. Many organizations that delayed 2020 HCM implementations because of the pandemic might have benefitted from using the technology to help guide critical decisions during the crisis. For those looking to make the investment in 2021, Wise Consulting’s President and COO, Steve Grem,…

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two businesswomen going over hcm software

Before you Implement a New HCM System, Here’s What You Should Know

Nearly five months into the pandemic, companies that had put their new HCM system purchases and implementations on ice are throwing fire under them to get things cooking. As they go through the process of selecting the systems that best align with their goals and considering the demands of the implementation process, here is what…

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Implementation Support

Wise works as a skilled, experienced extension of your team to help you make the best decisions for your organization’s unique needs throughout the life-cycle of your critical implementation project.

Payroll Support

Fully certified Wise payroll experts have valuable practitioner experience and a commitment to staying on top of tax regulations, security and compliance issues.

HCM Technology Support

Experienced, knowledgeable Wise consultants offer expertise to fix stubborn problems and complete critical projects that help you optimize your HCM technology.

“We have a very skilled team and yet every time we are interacting with Wise, you
guys are teaching me something. Augmenting staff with best practices from someone
who has been there before really helps the pace of an integration project. We think
of Wise as members of our own team and grant them that same level of autonomy.”

Carl Schleyer, Vice President
Total Rewards And Human Resources For PSAV