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Don’t Wait in Queues for the HCM Software Support You Need

Modern HCM software systems are complex, yet leveraging their power to achieve automations, accuracy, data security, business continuity, efficiencies, and much more is critical when transforming business processes to support change, growth, and employee expectation. About three years ago, our consultants at Wise started to hear similar murmuring from a variety of clients. It went something like this: ‘We want a flexible, smart support option for our HCM and payroll technology issues that will give us help with what we need, when we need it.’

At Wise, when our clients share their frustration around a problem we can fix, we get working to create the right solution. Here, we talk with Sandy Santucci, a veteran consultant on our Dayforce team, about her experience providing ongoing HCM support and why her clients love getting the support they want without waiting in a service queue.

A Shortcut to Getting Results

“Customers like the fact that we respond to them quickly and we have a lot of tools to give them system confidence and transparency of how and when we’re working on their system,” says Sandy. Supporting UKG Pro and Dayforce products, our software-certified teams maintain a 24-36 hour response time for clients who contract with us for ongoing HCM support. Clients receive monthly flex consulting hours to use on anything from open enrollment, configuration, technical support, reports and dashboards, business process automation, and so much more.

This is an extremely efficient way to get the best value from your HCM system. When it comes to system tasks that are new or issues you are not sure how to fix, having an experienced, certified team who has helped many clients with the same tasks and issues is a shortcut to getting things done quickly and optimally.

“It’s a quicker fix because we’ve seen it and know how to make it work best for your company’s needs,” Sandy says. “We ‘speak Dayforce’ [and UKG Pro] and can show customers better ways to get their system working for them. We’ve had clients who thought their system was just not very good, but in reality, their system wasn’t set up the right way for how they needed it to work for them. Knowing where they’ve come from and what their growing needs are, we can recommend configurations that work with how they do business now and into the future.”

Knowledge Transfer With a ‘Train the Trainer’ Model

Whether the need is for open enrollment support, report customization and training, tasks, mergers and acquisitions, configuration, GL, system performance, module implementation, or succession planning, Wise consultants help you understand exactly how your system works and how it can be most effectively optimized for your team.

“We’re really good at teaching our clients their system so that they can grow through upgrades, enhancements, changes, mergers, and acquisitions. They like it when we teach them what we are doing and why, helping them to own their system.”

Get Your Questions Answered in a Timely Manner

As your company evolves, it’s hard to know how to keep your system in prime condition to keep meeting new and changing demands, but ongoing HCM software support takes the guesswork away by providing software-certified consultants who manage and ensure maximized functionality within your Dayforce or UKG Pro system. “When you have a question about why something runs a certain way or how to fix something, our consultants have the answer for you,” says Sandy.

Team Consistency

Every company has turnover, yet in our employee-ownership culture, we understand that working together to make sure every client gets the benefit of our collective consulting knowledge is the way to offer exceptional service. If one of our consultants moves on or doesn’t have the skill set for the new task you’ve brought them, we bring in another senior resource to make sure you receive the expertise you need to get the job done to the best of our collective ability. And when you come back for the next support session, we already know you, your system, and your company’s unique needs so we can dive right into helping you get the support you really want.

Sandy, who works with over 20 ongoing support clients, also feels the benefit. “We already know the client’s backstory and our team is consistent. It’s a quicker fix.”

Getting More Efficient Makes Sense

As our clients who inspired us to create our ongoing HCM support model used to ask, ‘Who wants to spend 12 hours on something when they can get a consultant to come do it better in two?’ That’s what expert guidance does. It provides a shortcut to the best answer so you don’t spend wasted time spinning your wheels. It also provides the opportunity for hands-on learning so your team gets better at handling system issues and tasks.

What we’ve noticed internally is that our savvy clients quickly see the benefit of ongoing HCM support services and are able to get much more value from their system than they would without their Wise team. Shentel uses Wise for a wide variety of support on their Ceridian Dayforce platform, while Blount Fine Foods leverages Wise to get more done with their UKG Pro system.

Connect With a Wise Consultant For Ongoing HCM Software Support

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