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Is New HCM Software Implementation on Your Resolution List? We’ve Got You Covered.

If you are not an implementation expert, the first thing you need to know is that getting the results your organization is looking for from your new HCM system requires more work than simply buying the software and trusting the generic vendor implementation instructions to deliver you a product that is perfect for your company. This is because every business has specific and unique needs that must be considered before, during, and after implementation to achieve optimal setup and long-term performance. 

Imagine ordering an expensive phone and expecting it to come with the exact apps and features you like and need already set up to best support your preferences. That’s not how it works, right? No matter how many cool features a phone comes with, you still have to set up the phone and add favorite apps to enable maximum enjoyment/productivity from your phone. Likewise, setting your complex HCM system up to deliver the features, performance, and return on investment your company is looking for requires a proactive approach: 

  • Perform a pre-analysis of corporate goals and pain points from your legacy system experience that the new system should address. 
  • Assemble an implementation team that has the skills necessary to field critical decisions. Make sure to fill any skill gaps with expert support – it is very easy to overlook the importance of setting your implementation team up for success!
  • Leverage experience/product knowledge to avoid potential pitfalls and navigate change management. A system-certified, seasoned implementation expert can save you time and money as well as deliver a better return on investment.
  • Ensure post-go-live support is in place to troubleshoot any problems that arise once the product is launched within your organization. To support change management and foster employee confidence those first pay cycles need to be accurate.

Since an HCM system is complicated and powerful – and impacts your entire workforce – the implementation journey can be long and complex, with unexpected dilemmas and decision points cropping up if preparation has not been thorough (and even sometimes if it has!).  Often lured into a false sense of security that the vendor’s implementation team will take care of everything, companies can be caught off guard when they realize how much work is required on their end to get the HCM system software set up correctly to meet their specific organizational needs. 

Read on to learn why so many companies choose to augment their in-house implementation teams with system-certified, experienced consultants who provide the project management and skills to facilitate optimal HCM system implementation.

Make the Results-Driven Choice

HCM technology is powerful: it impacts everything from employee satisfaction to productivity and corporate goal-setting. However, getting the software set up to deliver the results your company wants can be extremely time-consuming and requires specific sets of skills. Getting help with implementation ensures your team’s skills gaps get filled, you have a highly experienced project advisor, and increases the chance that you will meet your launch deadline while maximizing return on investment.

Does Bringing in Quality Project Guidance Improve HCM Implementation Return on Investment?

According to The Definitive Guide: HCM Excellence, the Josh Bersin Company, 2021, when it comes to HCM system implementation, “Cost overruns are common, milestones are missed, and two out of five projects are categorized as failures.” The number of companies that reach out to our Wise implementation experts for help ‘fixing’ an implementation gone wrong certainly supports that estimate. What we hear after helping companies that find themselves in this position is, ‘we wish we’d come to Wise at the start of our project!’.  What is our secret? We are implementation experts. Like specialized automotive mechanics, of course, we can ‘fix’ your system better than a team with less experience, knowledge, and fewer system certifications. As companies look to streamline human capital management, they have higher expectations about what HCM system software will deliver. This expected higher level of optimization and performance is more quickly and accurately achieved by leveraging the right expertise. Today’s HCM software can definitely be a game-changing technology, but only if it is set up properly to take unique company needs and objectives into account and deliver the results the organization wants. 

To simply buy and ‘plug in’ a new system is to miss a hugely valuable opportunity to harness the power of that system to make a measurable positive impact based on pre-identified goals. Getting qualified experts onboard from the very beginning pays dividends.

Do HCM Implementation Right in 2023

No implementation team wants to miss deadlines and budgets because of mistakes that put the project way off target. It certainly makes more sense, and is easier, to set up for success by starting the project with experienced, system-certified help on your team. Wise consultants have decades of experience supporting companies of all sizes across industries with HCM system implementation projects. Decrease stress and get it right the first time by getting Wise on your side from the start. Wise implementation support specialists examine your organizational requirements and set you up for success. We have helped thousands of companies successfully implement new HCM software and we know the value that a properly configured HCM system can bring to an organization. Talk to a Wise consultant about our implementation support services and how a new system can change the game for your organization: call 800-654-4550 or email HCMHelp@WiseConsulting.com to get in touch with a member of our team.

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