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What Does It Take to Achieve HCM Software Implementation Success?

Implementing new HCM software is a complex process that requires product knowledge, project management skills, and more time than you might expect. However, with lots of quality planning, clean data transfer, testing, change management, and employee training, a successful implementation can become a reality, especially if you have the right team in place. Below, our team of expert HCM implementation consultants has provided a list of critical steps to help you understand the scope of your HCM system implementation project.


Start With A Plan

It is tempting to think that it will be as simple as making the purchase, getting a set of instructions and following them. However, if you want to get the best results from your shiny new HCM system, the pre-planning process should not be skipped. Before you even select which HCM software your business will use, consider what problems you are looking to fix, which goals your HCM system should effectively support, what type of reporting needs you have, any considerations that are unique to your business, how much growth your organization is expecting to experience over the next 5 years, who will be on your implementation team, and much more. Taking time to identify pain points from your legacy system that you don’t want to replicate, who on your team has the right skills to be part of the implementation team and whether you will want to bring in experienced, software-certified help to guide the project is a great strategy to set your organization up for HCM system implementation success.  

Our expert consultants at Wise typically recommend spending four to six weeks on pre-planning work to truly flesh out end goals and make sure the right people are on the implementation team. Realistically, most companies do not have the luxury of allowing staff members to set aside their regular job responsibilities to focus solely on completing the implementation, so it is important to outline how the implementation workflow fits into your team’s regular workload. Consider how much time it will take for research, design, analysis, integration, configuration, testing, training, and adoption before setting a timeline and go-live date. Due to the ‘you get out what you put in’ factor, setting up the system to deliver the results you want is bound to take longer than you expect!


Focus on Your Needs

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the bell-and-whistle capabilities available in new software, but what features/modules do your team actually need to be successful? One of the main focuses of your pre-planning should be determining which features are must-haves and which can wait to be implemented once you have core functionality in place. You don’t want to take on more work than your implementation team can reasonably manage within the timeline you’ve set. Additionally, not every feature available in HCM software is right for every company. Focus on your true needs for a better end-user experience. Starting with core functionality allows the team to focus on what is critical and then add on ‘extra’ modules after the initial system is set up properly and test driven, or once your organization has grown to the point that you need it.


Prepare to Go Live 

The heavy lifting is complete and it’s time to celebrate, right? Wrong! It is now time to prepare to go live. Take a moment to consider what issues or user confusion might crop up when launching your new HCM system. Is your staff trained? Do you need to hire qualified experts to train existing employees or get you through implementation? Will your payroll staff need post-go-live support for those first few payroll cycles? 

It is crucial to think through the implementation and change management process to anticipate obstacles or special considerations to ensure your company reaps the full benefit of your new HCM system. Implementation is a long and complex process, but taking the time to do it correctly, including planning, analyzing, and considering change management, can make the difference between having a system that works okay and having a system that performs optimally to meet your organization’s unique needs.


Work with a Wise Consultant to Streamline Your Implementation Process

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