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Understand Complex HR Data With Custom Reports

HR spends a lot of time working on recruitment/retention strategies and considering the best ways to measure employee performance. But how many HR teams are struggling to measure success due to limited ‘canned’ reporting when building custom reports would unlock more useful and complete data from which to make more informed choices? By pulling targeted data out of the HCM system in specific ways and combinations, businesses can glean information that helps HR teams set goals, make decisions, and measure results. Exploring the power of custom reports can have a significant impact on the performance of your business. Below, the experts at Wise discuss how you can use custom reports to decipher complex HR data.


Benefits of HR Data & Analytics

Call them BI reports, custom reports, analytics, metrics dashboards, or something else altogether, the value in building reports that offer targeted insights via HCM data that is already being captured in your system can be incredibly powerful. HR teams can create an assortment of reports based on unique needs/goals, specific challenges, or whatever issues need to be investigated more closely or tracked over time to support accountability around business goals. Reporting can track information on a surprising variety of factors, from metrics about diversity, turnover, and employee engagement to insights into headcount, employee recognition, manager efficacy, worker productivity, skills gaps, career development, or anything your HCM system’s data can be harnessed to reveal. 

The benefits don’t stop there–data analytics can even be used to streamline the recruitment process and measure onboarding program success. By quickly identifying the best candidates for your job openings, you can streamline the candidate pool to save both time and money. Then, you can track the quality of and new hire response to the onboarding process to best set your new recruits up for long-term success within the organization. Custom reports help you gather and deliver business-critical performance insights and make data-driven decisions that are backed up with logic and good reasoning. 


Say No to Spreadsheet Exhaustion

In addition to capturing employee data, one of the biggest advantages of custom reporting is that all the information you need lives in one place. Instead of manually pulling from disparate spreadsheets across departments and folders, you have a central hub of all the information you need to analyze the data and implement change across your organization thoroughly.


Enlist Quality Reporting Expertise

Whether you are looking to raise your HR team’s game, meet specific goals or elevate HR to the role of a strategic partner within your company, Wise can help you unlock your HR data, analyze it, and leverage the power of existing metrics with real-time actionable data. Our certified, experienced consultants can quickly catch inaccuracies within reports that could otherwise skew the data, delivering consistent, accurate, and actionable results. If you want to explore what reporting can do for your organization, reach out to our experts at Wise Consulting.  


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