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Finalize Your Year-End Checklist NOW to Achieve a Smooth Year-End

As we move into mid-November, you should ideally have your year-end checklist drafted. If that’s not the case, we understand and we can certainly help! Read on to find out how our payroll experts can provide the guidance or heavy lifting to bring your organization an accurate, compliant, secure, and successful year-end.

How Do You Line Up Professional Payroll Expertise?

It is ideal to get started early on building out your year-end checklist to allow time for that double-check that ultimately saves you time and leads to better results. However, we know that payroll professionals are often so busy with other tasks that just getting the checklist put together is hard enough. This is why we have clients who choose to make life easier for themselves by either getting Wise help with building the checklist and completing tasks, or with double-checking existing checklists, processes, and procedures to make sure they are in prime shape to wrap up the year successfully. Leveraging the support of experienced, certified payroll professionals is a great way to ease overwhelm and ensure optimal results.

Get Help Performing Regular Internal Audits & Reconciliation

Regular audits and reconciliation are best practices to complete quarterly and annually, but they can be time-consuming and require attention to detail. With payroll staff often already stretched by the effort of meeting never-ending payroll deadlines, it can be difficult to make time to also perform these audits. To avoid errors and give yourself more time, consider partnering with an experienced external payroll consulting firm, like our Wise consultants, to help you accurately execute these preventative measures without spreading your resources too thin. 

Do You Know Where Your Remote Workers Are?

Remote work has become increasingly common, yet understanding the tax implications of where your employees are working from can be tricky. With the diversity of locations your workers may casually bounce between comes a diversity of paid leave, overtime and vacation policies, tax withholding rules, and other laws and regulations that can differ from state to state. It’s crucial that you know where all of your employees are so you can accurately complete tax jurisdictions and remit proper tax withholdings. If you aren’t keeping track of your employees’ state residence status, are unaware of employees moving from state to state, or have not developed policies around this issue, you could be setting up your organization for legal and financial consequences.

Recruit the Assistance of Wise’s Payroll Support Team

Wise payroll professionals are checklist and task-completion experts! We make it our business to stay informed about tax and law changes so we can confidently help companies of all sizes and industries tie up tricky loose ends to achieve an accurate, compliant year-end. Our team of seasoned, certified payroll professionals provides accurate, seamless, reliable, and compliant payroll coverage and helps businesses manage complex payroll continuity, tax, compliance, and year-end issues. Wise’s U.S. and Canadian-certified payroll consultants can keep you informed and on track to remain fully compliant.

Eager to learn more about how Wise Consulting fits into your end-of-year planning? Get in touch with a Wise consultant by contacting us today.

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