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Securing Reliable HRIS Support: What Questions Should You Be Asking?

As with anything else, finding quality Human Resource Information System (HRIS) support requires time, researching potential partners to find the right skill set to augment your unique HR team. A simple Google search is not going to cut it. You need information about experience and certifications, assurance that they can support the HCM system software you use, and details such as how reliable they are and whether pricing fits your budget. 


Whether you’re a newbie who wants expert help beginning the process of implementing an HRIS, or you need extra skills to fill a personnel gap or you’re looking for someone to keep your current system optimized, what you need is an experienced, certified, reliable HRIS consultant. With years of in-the-trenches career experience plus consulting know-how and industry certifications under their belts, seasoned professionals at Wise Consulting offer support to meet your current need and help you achieve your HRIS goals.


What is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?


If you’re a veteran HRIS user, feel free to move on to the next section. But for beginners who are new to this realm of HR and payroll, an HRIS – also known as an HCM system – is a dynamic and multi-functional cloud-based platform that gathers and interprets information about your company’s payroll process, human resources and employee analytics. It provides powerful functionality in the areas of payroll, recruiting, onboarding, employee self-service, reports & analytics, compensation, learning, and much more. For companies still relying on old-school systems or even pen and paper processes to document taxes, pay employees and oversee their workforce, an HRIS can be a game-changing tool for improving business continuity, implementing time-saving automations, increasing employee satisfaction and achieving data accuracy.


Many types of HRIS systems provide data analytics and reports on important payroll, tax and employee productivity stats that can reveal opportunities to increase efficiencies and identify skills gaps. These analytics can be leveraged to examine trends and reach business goals. Using an HRIS system removes the risk of human error that can lead to major payroll issues and the subsequent loss of employee confidence.


If your organization is struggling with manual processes, a sluggish legacy HRIS or maintaining an intact HR team, we highly encourage you to schedule a consultation with a team member at Wise Consulting who can explain the ways in which your HRIS can be optimized to fully support your team, your employees and your business.


What HRIS-Related Frustrations are Hindering Your Organization?


Merely having an HRIS is not the same thing as properly using an HRIS. These workhorse systems are complex—there are so many features and functions that can be leveraged to improve your operations, processes and even impact factors such as employee retention. But the core functions alone can take a while to configure properly and master. Once the core is optimized, there are add-on modules that can further enhance your team’s ability to support your workforce and achieve business goals. Having made the investment in software with amazing capability to transform your HR and payroll processes, it makes sense to maximize your return on investment!


Not sure where to start? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is our current system set up to fully support this year’s objectives?
  • Do we have access to human capital management analytics so we can best leverage our employees’ strengths and talents while mitigating risk and attrition?
  • Is our system set up to be as secure as possible? Is our PII data safe?
  • What add-on modules are on the market for our current system that we could be benefitting from to achieve strategic goals?
  • Is our HRIS communicating properly and accurately with adjunct systems or do we need to look at achieving better systems integration?
  • Are we getting full utilization from our HRIS? Is it working in the ways we wanted it to or are we still struggling with basic HRIS frustrations?
  • Which skill gaps is our HR team experiencing? Have we lost the people who knew how to get value from our HRIS? Do we have time to spend on optimizing our system to obtain best performance? Could an HRIS system optimization review be the right place to start?


What is the Benefit of Working with an HRIS Consultant?


By scheduling a consultation with one of our expert practitioners, you’ll learn about how hands-on support from an industry and software certified professional can help you keep your HRIS working at its best. Our consultants have a wealth of experience and can communicate key insights and recommendations based on your organization’s specific needs and goals. We’ll work as an extension of your team, augmenting your capabilities and providing reliable, tailored HRIS support. 


What are my Next Steps?


To speak to a consultant about securing the HRIS support you are looking for, call us at 800-654-4550 or fill out the form here.


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