January 14, 2022 Implementation Support

New Year, New HCM!

The new year is here, and organizations of all sizes are shifting focus to 2022 initiatives. Is an HCM implementation a priority for your organization in the upcoming calendar year? Since implementing an HCM is no simple (or expeditious) feat, our Wise consultants have compiled for you the best questions to ask early on if your goal is to hit the “Go Live!” button on your new HCM system at some point in 2022 or 2023.


What Current HR Processes Could We Improve, Streamline or Even Automate?


Draft a list of your current HCM pain points and desired features for your new system. If you aren’t using any cloud software to centralize your HR and payroll processes, then that’s an even better reason to list out the inefficiencies you notice on the day-to-day. Below are some of the most common HCM pain points that our consultants hear about:

  • Too much of a reliance on manual processes.
  • Clunky processing of payroll when aspects of paying your employees could be streamlined or automated.
  • Not enough insight into employee performance analytics.
  • Spending too much time on operational tasks that could be streamlined or automated.
  • Not enough features and benefits for the investment that has been made.


If your organization is dealing with any of these frustrations make sure to include them in your wish list of priorities when looking to upgrade your HCM software. 


Is there a Secret to Getting ‘Ready’ for Implementation? 


The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!”. A new implementation is complex and requires a huge investment of resources, which is why we stress the importance of pre-planning and analysis before beginning implementation of new HCM software.  How long will it take? How many resources can you afford to spare for this complex project? Do they understand how demanding it will be and do they have the skills needed to get it done right the first time around? Having a seasoned consultant on board to advise you during this phase will pay dividends.


If there will be resource gaps, plan for how you will fill them. Expert consultants are a smart idea because they can help you avoid time-sapping obstacles and can be dedicated to your project. They will help you learn how to set up the new system to accommodate specific business considerations and deliver desired outcomes.Thorough pre-planning and analysis, plus doing your homework about what to expect when implementing, are critical elements of implementation success.


Wise consultants work collaboratively with your internal team to define your business goals and map out a plan for implementing a new system that will effectively meet your needs. They can also help you understand pivotal system set-up options that will help you maximize your ROI. In terms of preparing for optimal satisfaction with the end result, identifying how to mitigate risk, drive efficiencies and get what your business needs now and for future growth out of your new system is essential.


What Are the Most Important Steps for Implementing a New HCM?


The process requires too much time and too many resources to approach it without a clear-cut vision of desired deliverables and outcomes. In our recent article, “Implementing HCM Software: A Step-By-Step Process,” we provide an in-depth list for organizations to follow when implementing their shiny new HCM system. These steps include:

  • Mapping out your goals
  • Prioritizing appropriate Phase 1 and Phase 2 modules
  • Working with a consultant to ensure your unique business needs and goals are considered throughout the project
  • UAT and Parallel testing and repeat testing
  • Lining up go-live and post-go-live support


To read the article in full, click here.


Should We Implement on Our Own or Invest in Expert Guidance?


We understand the initial urge to keep implementation in-house. Your new HCM software is a considerable expenditure and paying someone to help implement it might seem optional. However, working with a Wise consultant on your implementation ensures that you’re setting up your new system to maximize your investment. We’ll work as an extension of your team to fill gaps, identify pitfalls, outline choices that will impact results, and oversee every aspect of the process from key stakeholder knowledge transfer, to go-live and beyond. To speak to a consultant about your 2022 goals, call us at 800-654-4550 or fill out the form here.


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