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Planning for Implementation Success

From carefully choosing the right HCM software platform for your organization through all the steps to reach “Go Live,” there’s an impressive amount of planning required to complete a successful implementation. Outlining clear-cut business objectives, equipping your organization and employees for change, anticipating resource gaps and ensuring optimal system set-up for your organization’s specific needs are just a few components of the preparation process. Steve Grem, President of Wise Consulting, points out, “If there’s one key to success, it’s knowing where you want to go.” 


Even if your team has managed to stay on track and press that “Go Live” button, if preparation was not optimal and best practices were not employed, lingering system problems and configuration frustrations can continue long after implementation. Pain points can arise from a rough start due to uninformed planning, or frustrations can crop up later down the road if unanticipated system set-up issues reveal themselves. 


Recently, Raven Intelligence, an independent review platform that helps customers make informed choices about engaging HCM consulting partners, looked to Steve Grem—along with Marta Williams, Vice President of Client Services at Wise Consulting—to provide key success factors to consider when planning your implementation. Below, we highlight interesting tidbits from their conversation and discuss how Wise Consultants are here to help if you are still troubleshooting post-implementation issues. 


Thorough Preparation is Key to a Successful HCM Implementation


Replacing an outdated system with a modern HCM platform is one of the best decisions companies can make to maintain business continuity and support employee engagement. According to Marta Williams, implementing a new system has universal benefits for businesses. “One of the biggest things is having the ability to roll out new functionality for employees and managers, and having information at their fingertips. There’s a lot of capability in the product,” says Marta.


Steve adds, “Most of our folks have been in a similar background to me, being client-side before I joined Wise. They can see where technology is not just the answer, but it’s the tool. And they’ve learned how to use it and take advantage of it to better the employee experience.”


The one thing that an organization’s implementation success is going to be dependent on is how well they prepare themselves for that journey, elaborates Steve in Raven Intelligence’s interview. Many organizations lose their footing in the implementation process when they struggle to define what success looks like for them. During the process of implementing a new HCM system, organizations must reflect on what the company’s internal and external objectives are that have led them to the decision to overhaul their human resources processes. 


Implementations Can Still be Salvaged, Even After a Rough Start


Even if company leadership has done their homework, but still struggles with pain points along the implementation journey, we get it. Speed bumps can be inevitable, and the best way to avoid them is the expertise and foresight of experience. That is why so many organizations turn to our consultants to help them navigate the process successfully. 


Getting “Go Live” right the first time is important, but even a rough start with unforeseen hiccups can be salvaged with the right team of consultants who can function as a focused extension of your team, filling resource gaps and becoming your greatest implementation asset. The right team will ensure you have the necessary checklists and set up the reports and documentation you need to optimize your system to meet your organization’s specific short and long-term goals. Wise consultants also offer ongoing support for your payroll processing team, enabling time-saving automation, streamlining of processes, and mitigation of risk.


System Utilization & Payroll Process Reviews Can Eliminate Post-Implementation Frustrations


For organizations that implemented a new HCM system a while back, but are still experiencing frustrations, a review of your system by an expert will provide valuable insight. A System Utilization Review will uncover hidden problems and provide suggestions for reducing or eliminating inefficiencies so you can get the best results from your system.


Post-implementation payroll frustrations are one of the main reasons Wise offers a Payroll Process Review for clients who have compliance concerns or feel that their process should be working better for them than it currently is. The Wise payroll process review is a bit like a car inspection. Our team makes sure everything is running smoothly and mends any loose bolts or broken parts, providing information about what can be done to make the system work better for you. Whether your implementation was completed one month ago or one year ago, our team can examine every step of your payroll cycle to determine inefficiencies and compliance issues.


Remember, your organization is only as effective as your HRIS. That’s why it’s crucial to take the planning process seriously so your implementation can be set up for success from before you even get started. Click here to read Raven Intelligence’s recent article featuring Steve Grem and Marta Williams, “Set Your Implementation Up for Success,” in full.


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Whether you are beginning the journey of implementing an HCM system, in the throes of tying up post-implementation loose ends, or perusing this article because you know a new HCM system could be the next step for your company, reach out to our team today. Our consultants offer the highest level of strategic and practical knowledge on all things HCM and payroll management; they have been in your shoes before, have a thorough understanding of client-side frustrations and, best of all, know how to fix them. Give us a ring today at 800-654-4550 or fill out a form here to get in touch with a Wise team member. 

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