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As we Approach 2021, Payroll Continuity is More Important Than Ever

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s this: payroll continuity is important. In the corporate world, payroll continuity means your business’s continuity. If your payroll process experiences a blip, it can be disastrous for employees, the backbone of your company. That is why you need protection in place to preserve your payroll continuity no matter what dire situations arise. Lorry Twisdale, Wise Consulting’s Director of Managed Payroll, shares crucial information on the importance of protecting your business’s payroll continuity, and how Wise helps numerous companies achieve this every year. 


Payroll Continuity is Your Company’s Security Blanket


“Payroll continuity is something that has always been important, but has never been given the attention that is needed until this year,” Lorry explains, “Nowadays, with the way that security is going and everything that is happening with COVID, and taking care of our families, or working from home, all of these things can create a situation where a client may have a need and they feel themselves scrambling.” 

Lorry, who has been working in payroll in some capacity for nearly 25 years, presents a key benefit of working with a Wise team member: “We know the systems, we know payroll. We may not know all of the individual nuances of your company, but we’re certainly going to work to get to know them.”

Our consultants have a keen ability to look back in your company’s history and recent payroll, and reproduce the processes, so that you are still getting what you need without all of the stress of wondering how you’re going to get something done.


Short-Term Payroll Support vs. Emergency Payroll Support: What’s the Difference?


Those who turn to Wise’s S.W.A.T. team for impromptu payroll assistance know that we offer two different services that seemingly overlap: short-term payroll support and emergency payroll support. The crucial differences between the two are differentiated by one main component: the level of preparedness. 


Components of Emergency Payroll Support:

  • In one phrase: “Premeditative and Preventative.”
  • The Wise team gets to know your payroll process in advance so they can swoop in when issues arise.
  • Any time you need it, the Wise team is there to help you, with a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Example: Your company relies on Wise for quarterly payroll refreshers in order to prevent an emergency from occurring. When your payroll manager informs you that they came down with COVID-19 and can’t work for two weeks, you call on the Wise team to step in and process payroll for you. The Wise team already know the intricacies of your company’s system and keep the ball rolling without any hiccups. The potential stress in this situation is promptly mitigated.


Components of Short-Term Payroll Support:

  • In one phrase: “The Sky is Falling!”
  • An emergency occurs, and you have no back-up plan. You need payroll assistance, stat. 
  • The Wise team can jump in and help for the short-term until you’re back on your feet.
  • Example: Your payroll manager abruptly quit, or you know they are about to go on leave. You may not even have a prior engagement with Wise. All you know is that your company needs a hand, and that’s where the Wise team jumps in. 


As Lorry so succinctly puts it, “Having emergency payroll support with Wise is like having an insurance policy. You are ensuring that your company is prepared should anything happen.”

Our real-life payroll experience has made us wise (pun intended), and we feel certain in recommending that companies obtain Wise’s emergency payroll support so that they are prepared no matter what happens. When you count on Wise for emergency support, our team works with you to refresh your company’s processes, analyze your population, and review what your needs are, on a quarterly or bi-yearly basis. To this point, Lorry mentions, “if you call us within 24 hours, we can turn around and have someone available to support you, to run your payroll, to take care of whatever level you’re on, wherever you are.” 

Lorry points out that situations like this happen every year. Back in March, a long-term client with Wise was concerned that their payroll person would come down with COVID-19, and their fears ended up becoming true. Wise consultants were able to step in and help within a two-day turnaround. The fact that the company had this insurance policy with Wise made it so much smoother and less stressful of a process for the client and ensured the company could better support their employee in focusing on her recuperation. Ultimately, you do not want to be left facing the harsh realities of lacking a payroll or HR specialist when you most need them. 


At Wise Consulting, We’re Your All-Things HCM and Payroll Partner


If there is anything you can take away from Lorry’s nearly 25 years of experience working in payroll, it’s this: every single year, there is always some event that has occurred that creates issues for companies where they’re left questioning if they’ve got the support in place that they need. 2020’s COVID crisis was obviously on the severe end as far as issues go, but even when we eventually enter a post-pandemic world (whenever that is), there will still always be something that can cause a scramble. When you enter into a relationship with Wise Consulting, you simply do not have to worry about your payroll continuing without interruption. You can learn more about our Managed Services and the unique flexibility we offer by clicking here. 

Reach out to Wise for information on how we can support your HCM implementation process. Email, or call 800-654-4550 today.

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