July 22, 2020 Implementation Support

Key Steps to a Successful HCM System Implementation

Each HCM system implementation is different because every organization has unique needs and goals. That is why one-size-fits-all system implementation doesn’t work. The first step in a successful HCM system implementation is Goal Alignment.

Goal Alignment Drives Implementation Outcomes

If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you know how to prepare? A trip to Bermuda requires very different accessories than a journey to the frozen caves of Iceland. “What is your definition of success and how are you going to get there?” Asks Marta Williams, Vice President of Consulting Services with Wise Consulting. “This system should be something you are happy with not only today, but five or ten years down the road.”

Identifying your corporate and departmental goals and the problems you are looking to solve with your new HCM system is paramount. What do you want your end-user experience to feel like? How can your new system support your plan for change and growth? Then, what analytics will you need to measure the progress of your objectives?

The next question is: who will be responsible for documenting your objectives and managing the project?

Understanding Implementation Roles & Responsibilities

“It’s really important to understand that it is nearly a full-time job. You’ve got to have dedicated resources to be successful,” Karen Shropshire, Wise consultant, stresses. Typically, you have your in-house team as well as a vendor team involved in an implementation. Many organizations will opt to engage a third-party, experienced resource to provide the niche skills, guidance, translation of vendor requirements and knowledge of the software that make for a smooth, successful implementation. The following chart, created by our Director of Client Services, Jennifer Southworth, outlines the roles and responsibilities (a third-party consultant can augment either the vendor or client-side) that are typically in play during an implementation:

Once you have established who is handling what, it is time to look at your internal processes.

The Importance of Process Re-Engineering in HCM System Implementation

Performing analysis of your existing practices, identifying process inefficiencies and understanding downstream impacts allows for improvements to streamline your processes and achieve better results. The bottom line is, spending time on this now will significantly improve your experience with your new system once it is implemented. Some things you might want to consider are: Which manual processes would you like to automate with the help of your amazing new system?  How efficient are your document and approval workflows? What future system components will be merged with existing applications?

If you have put together the right team of people to tackle your complex project, including an ideal mix of experience and skills, the time they put in at this stage will really help optimize your return on investment.

Assessing Gaps

Does your team have all the skills, bandwidth (in addition to current job responsibilities) and support needed to complete all the tasks required for implementation within the time designated for this project? If not, you need to find quality help to augment your team and provide the skills and experience you are missing. Wise consultants have the practitioner experience and technical expertise to help you achieve a successful implementation that exceeds your expectation. For more information on the implementation journey, click here. To start a conversation with a Wise expert, contact us at 800-654-4550 or HCMHelp@WiseConsulting.com.

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