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Our New 941 Tracker Tool – Wise Innovation that Benefits You

You may know by now that the IRS has revised Form 941 in response to the FFCRA and CARES Acts that were put into effect earlier this year. Even employers with third-party tax support will have to take a more active role in validating and ensuring the accuracy of the data in this unprecedented year of complex, short-term payroll-related legislation. To avoid penalties, interest, delayed receipt of future credits and unwelcome audits, accurate tracking is more essential than ever.

The Wise Consulting 941 Tracking Assistant is Now Available

A team of Wise payroll, tax, and software consultants, anticipating the dismay our clients would experience in adapting to the requirements of this new 941 form, created the Wise Consulting 941 Tracking Assistant. Built for ease of use, the 941 Tracking Assistant supports payroll-by-payroll tracking and calculation of FFCRA and CARES Act credits and limits, translates them within your organization’s unique requirements, and auto-calculates to display quarterly totals.

941 Tracking Assistant Helps You Stay Proactive

The 941 Tracking Assistant keeps tally so you don’t go over your limits, and short-cuts the burden of completing the new IRS Form 941 each quarter. Being proactive regarding this process reduces the risk of last-minute scrambling, ensuring accuracy and timeliness when partnering with your tax vendor or internally completing these forms.

Speak to a Dedicated Wise Consultant to Learn More

To speak to a Wise consultant about the ins-and-outs of the new 941 Tracker Tool, email or give us a call at 800-654-4550.

941 Tracker Tool

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