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It’s Crucial to Update Your Carrier Feeds During Open Enrollment. Here is How Wise Can Help.

The 2020 open enrollment period is fast-approaching, and if you don’t already know the importance of updating your carrier feeds during this crucial season, it is time that you do. Read on to learn what carrier feeds are, how they are important for HR management and how Wise can walk you through the entire process.

What are Carrier Feeds?

Imagine this scenario: it is open enrollment season and you have several different employees approaching you with a host of different changes they’d like to make to their benefits plans. Now it’s up to you to collect this information, communicate it to the proper benefits providers, deal with the paperwork that is piling up on your desk and hope that no mistakes have been made during this limited period of time. 

This is where carrier feeds come in. In case you don’t know what carrier feeds are and their role in the open enrollment process, they are third-party applications that can securely communicate any employee benefits changes to the proper insurance or benefits carrier in a timely manner. Using digitized enrollment forms that efficiently transfer electronic data to the proper insurance carriers, your responsibilities of manually updating your employees’ benefits changes are promptly eliminated.

Maybe you are an HR professional who already understands what carrier feeds are, but does not know the importance of updating these feeds during open enrollment. No matter your familiarity with these applications, Wise Consulting can walk you through the entire process of updating your carrier feeds and ensuring your employees’ benefits changes are completed in a timely manner.

How Can Wise Help?

As open enrollment season approaches, talk to a Wise expert about updating your carrier feeds and streamlining the open enrollment process so worrying about making pesky errors, or peering reluctantly at the daunting pile of paperwork on your desk, is a thing of the past. The consultants at Wise are fluent in the ins-and-outs of open enrollment and can walk you through the entire process of updating your carrier feeds and optimizing your methods for making changes to your employees’ insurance plans. 

The consultants at Wise have the experience to configure all benefits types to properly handle eligibility, coverage and premium calculations, and can streamline the process of moving employee data from your vendor solution to each designated carrier. To learn more about how the Wise team can help you update your carrier feeds and manage the upcoming open enrollment period with ease, contact the Wise team today!

Two employees going over carrier feeds during open enrollment

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