August 29, 2016 In The News

Wise Consulting Marks 20th-Year Anniversary of Maximizing Productivity


August 29, 2016, HUNT VALLEY, MD Wise Consulting Associates is proud to announce their 20th-year Anniversary. The firm kicked off the occasion earlier last quarter at a company-wide celebration bringing together consultants from throughout the United States to Baltimore, Maryland near their headquarters.

The independent firm provides exceptional technology solutions for HR/Payroll professionals utilizing systems for human capital management. Their unparalleled experience with features, functionality configuration and processing of Ceridian, Dayforce, and Ultimate Software systems has propelled Wise Consulting as a leader in professional technology support for the human resources and payroll management market.  Since its inception, the company has experienced significant growth and in-depth system knowledge in managed payroll, system utilization, payroll support, vendor selection, acquisition and divestiture, human resources, workforce management, implementation, payroll benefits, compliance responsibility, and reporting.

“Over the years, the sole focus has been to be the most trusted and respected professional services firm that solves unique challenges for professionals in Human Relations and Payroll Management.” said Jennifer Wise, President and Founder.

Wise founded the company in 1996 after realizing that HR/Payroll professionals could save valuable time and be more efficient if they had great systems and could use them to their full potential. Too frequently, HR/Payroll Managers faced roadblocks in getting the funding and support for robust technology to support this critical function.

Up for the challenge, a management group with years of experience as consultants and practitioners was then formed to work directly with these HR/Payroll Managers to bridge the communication gap and offer practical, dedicated functional and technical support.

Today, their unparalleled experience with features, functionality, configuration and processing of Ceridian, Dayforce, and Ultimate Software systems has positioned Wise Consulting as a leader in technology support for human capital management.

Wise Consulting continues to be a long-standing certified implementation partner for both Ceridian and Ultimate Software and is a major sponsor of the Insights and Connections Conferences.

As their customer base expanded during its twenty-year history, the company focused on building a global team driven to create an environment for HR and Payroll professionals to excel. The commitment to attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals in the industry who are responsive, supportive, and easy to work with proves to be one of the companies best competitive advantages.

“Our clients know that we can maximize their payroll function effectiveness and technology utilization. We consistently deliver the expertise needed to identify and address complex issues from compliance with constantly changing federal, state and local laws, including tax filing requirements to providing payroll staffing services when a Payroll Manager decides to leave without notice.” said Steve Grem, Director of Operations.

Grem added, “Our success and longevity is due in part to the relationships and trust we have developed while spending time to understand our client’s needs. Wise Consulting remains viable, strong, and growing as we empower our customers with the new technologies and solutions.“

Wise Consulting Associates is a leader in implementing technology to support Human Resources and Payroll Management. Since their founding, Wise Consulting has partnered with firms in all industries, offering specialized, diversified services for implementation, outsourcing, technology support, vendor selection, and strategic HR Support. Additional information on maximizing payroll management and human resources systems can be found at


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