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Have you ever thought of outsourcing part or all of your payroll processes? What makes Wise Consulting’s managed payroll services unique is the flexibility we offer to our clients. From payroll administration, to garnishments, to tax compliance, our consultants will work as an extension of your human resources department to ensure your internal processes run smoothly.

Think of our managed services as an a-la-carte menu.

You get to customize your package so you’re outsourcing only what you need, and saving money in the process.

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While you continue to use your software, and you retain your corporate policies, Wise payroll professionals can perform the following (and more) on your behalf:
Complete your payroll audits, annual reporting requests, quarter-end and year-end reconciliations, weekly status calls & system workflow reviews.
Calculate statutory pay based on federal, state and local requirements, retroactive payments & garnishments.
Reconcile wage and tax, including lived-in/worked-in nexus.
Review executive compensation reasonability & payroll commit.
Set up new payroll earning and deduction codes.
Create on-demand checks and/or off-cycle runs as needed.
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Managed Payroll Services

"We reached out to Wise Consulting for emergency temporary support and they immediately responded. We were so pleased with their support and expertise, we signed less than a year later for long-term outsourced managed services and ongoing technical and HRIS support!  Wise has been with us every step of the way and continues to guide us on best practices. I know I am well taken care of by my Wise Team!"


About Wise

Because Wise is 100% employee-owned, our consultants are professionally invested in your success. We make time to understand each client’s methodology and goals, aligning our strategy and sharing best practices.

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If you have questions about working with Wise Consulting or becoming a Wise employee-owner, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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At Wise, the practitioner experience and hands-on knowledge our consultants have in specialized fields means we can offer high-quality support services across the Human Capital Management and Payroll spectrum.

Wise Can Help Make Your Payroll More Manageable.