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Extracting the raw data housed in modern HCM systems and organizing it in specific, premeditated ways helps HR teams understand the true story only the data can tell. With the power of highly configurable reporting, HR teams can create an assortment of reports in the system based on whatever issues they want more insight into or wish to track over time within their workforce.

“HR is becoming more of a strategic partner, and they need this data to help lead the company where it needs to go,” explains Wise Consultant and reporting expert. “Executives want this information because labor is often the biggest expense. So, analyzing labor, understanding the workforce, what’s happening to it, and comparing it with industry standards, helps assess staff trends.”

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Reporting is a process that pulls targeted data out of the HCM system to glean information that will help HR teams make decisions, set goals and measure results. “You can set up a report to run at the push of a button or schedule it to run on specific dates so it’s there in your inbox when you want it or need to distribute it to other users. You can stipulate managers for it to go to, and you can make it so that they are only seeing their individual workers,” says Wise Consultant Chris Pappas, HRIP.

What can Custom Reports do for your team?

  • Hand-Pick The Data You Need
  • Track the Current Trends
  • Help HR Fill a Strategic Role
  • Understand Gaps in Your Business

Get the HCM data you need, when you need it,
with intelligent reports.

"When things come up, we want to be able to reach out and get help, with the big stuff and with the small stuff. It has made us a more efficient company. We could not do the things we’ve done without Wise.”

Chrissy Jenkins, SHRM-CP & Supervisor, HRIS


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