The Y In Central Maryland

“ Wise was a great partner in our decision to move forward with Dayforce and Ceridian. They were able to bring in knowledge to my team of how the software worked, and hints and ideas on implementing that saved time. I saw them as an extension of our team. I have already recommended and will continue to
recommend them.”

– Sherrie Rovnan, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer,
The Y In Central Maryland

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When The Y in Central Maryland decided to invest in a new Human Capital Management system, they chose Ceridian’s award-winning Dayforce HCM cloud platform. With a workforce that ebbs and grows seasonally and a complex web of centers in multiple locations, the team was worried about knowing how to steer the implementation to get the results they wanted. Plus, the team was divided on whether it was worth the investment to hire consultants.

They had heard from other organizations that getting the implementation right the first time around was critical. Realizing the expert help would be worth the expense, the team at the Y did their research and chose Wise Consulting to support their implementation of Dayforce.

From the start of setting up the foundation, they knew they’d made the right choice. “They spent full days with us going through and mapping out our organization and how to get it set up. I believe it would have been a lot more complicated and overwhelming a task to try and document and map out all of our different processes in a way that a software implementation team could understand to design the system. It was helpful to have Wise in the middle to understand our different lines of business and then communicate in a way that made it useful for the Ceridian people to understand.” – Susan Maldonado, Financial Reporting Manager, The Y in Central Maryland

“They got to know us; they really took the time to learn about the Y and how we were structured. Wise was right there, when something came up, we were able to address it right away.”- Lynn Carrico, Director of HR Technology, The Y in Central Maryland

“Even the people who didn’t want to, they all at the end would say that [hiring Wise] was the right decision and the best money we spent.” – Sherrie Rovnan, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer,
The Y in Central Maryland

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