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“There were so many moving parts with our company; it was a start-up from a divestiture. Now, the HR team is growing because we are acquiring companies and at the same time we are achieving efficiencies. I’ve learned a lot from the team at Wise. [My Wise consultant team] has been very generous with sharing their knowledge. As opposed to just giving them rules and information and they go with it, I’ve always felt like they want me to know how things are working so I can leverage that knowledge at a later date, which is fantastic.”

– Manager of HRIS, Payroll and Benefits

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When a risk management software company was formed as the result of a divestiture in May 2016, the CEO and CFO entrusted Wise Consulting with implementing their HCM technology investment before a CHRO was in place. The Wise team prioritized efforts to gather HR records and produce an accurate payroll for employees in multiple countries. Wise brought first payroll live within two months. The client leaned on Wise, with limited access to the prior company’s systems or reporting, to establish a scalable foundation to support growth objectives.

It wasn’t until several months later that a CHRO was brought on board and hired the Manager of HRIS, Payroll and Benefits. New to the technology, she reached out to Wise for training in running payroll and benefits administration, as well as creating organizational efficiencies.

On accepting the job, the manager says she “knew it was going to be a lot of work and we would have to make decisions quickly, but it was good that the payroll and benefits administration were already solid. If you have a crack in one of those processes, it is immediately a problem. For payroll and benefits calculations, it was working and I have [the Wise team] to thank for this.”

Since 2016, this client has been expanding their workforce and their international footprint. They consistently turn to Wise to achieve complex integrations for employees outside of North America. “We engage Wise when we need to build out time away from work reporting, holiday groups, self-service forms/features, and workflow administration for approvals. The employee experience using the system has been the more recent focus as a result of acquisitions. [Wise Consulting] partners with us to configure [our HCM software] with the end result of empowering our employees to leverage self-service forms and features within the system. Employees are in control of updating some of their personal HR data.”

Their Manager of HRIS, Payroll and Benefits says that maximizing the HCM technology’s capabilities to integrate global employees has “been a big plus for our company as it makes all feel like they are part of the family, and that messaging is powerful.” Wise has been this client’s trusted consulting partner for nearly five years, providing support as new organizational objectives arise and projects evolve. Most recently, they leveraged Wise’s expertise in structuring a passive open enrollment benefits process. Wise supplied an experienced open enrollment specialist to provide the support they wanted. “[The Wise Consultant] is very knowledgeable and has been extremely helpful.”

“We do it right the first time, maximizing the organizational investment in HCM technology,” says Chris Davies, Vice President of Wise’s M&A Division. “We offer a unique combination of functional, technical, and practitioner expertise ensuring an approach which focuses on long-term operational success. We understand our partners’ priorities and ensure their objectives are met, while achieving a sustainable and scalable solution. The value we provide creates long-term partnerships, as we have with [this client]. They trust us to be there for them when needed most.”

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