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“It’s been a very positive experience. Our whole Wise team really delivered for us. It was amazing that we met all deadlines, and any issues with data integrity were resolved quickly. It was a team effort with multiple consultants…they taught us different ways to utilize and optimize the UKG Pro system. Absolutely I would refer other companies to Wise.”

Carolyn Clougherty, HR Transformation Operational Leader, Keolis North America

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“We had a vision and what we were looking for was a partner to deliver that vision,” says Carolyn Clougherty, HR Transformation Operational Leader at Keolis North America.

“A primary driver of choosing UKG Pro was the self-service/payroll portal enabling us to meet goals of higher employee engagement. We wanted a partner with the ability to tell us the best way to do this using the tools we have, and also from a business process perspective. We wanted to use the best practice approach in workflows, not just in tools.” Carolyn and her team began implementation at 8 locations in North America, and added more as component companies were brought into the fold.

“We got pretty good at it and we had to bring one location online—hire, onboard, configure and get payroll out—within literally 17 days. Wise has helped our team become well-versed and know what they need to do as well as how to get it done. We also engaged Wise in the onboarding process as part of our larger team. As our new employees came onboard, Wise was manning the help desk for calls that were coming through with benefits or HR questions.”

Knowledge transfer has been a priority for the Keolis team and Carolyn gives credit to their lead Wise consultant for consistently delivering on this point.“Nikki is an absolute Rock Star – she is amazing. We literally would be lost without her.”

Looking to achieve optimization of their UKG Pro software, Keolis has since engaged Wise to perform a system utilization review, BI reporting, managing their transition to a new benefits processing provider, and more.


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