Blount Fine Foods

Wise provides high level, specific guidance based on their knowledge of our business. I value my relationship with Wise as a strategic partner.”

Kim Wingren, Manager of HCM

Blount Fine Foods

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Upon joining Blount Fine Foods as their Manager of HCM, Kim Wingren received a perk she didn’t expect. Blount, a rapidly growing family-owned manufacturer and marketer of premium fresh prepared foods, had just completed a System Utilization Review with Wise Consulting. “I walked into an amazing gift: Wise had uncovered many of the company’s pain points with the UKG system, and they gave us the analysis of each of the items and their recommendations.”

Brand new to Blount’s HCM system software, Kim rapidly set out to become an expert. “I came in having never used UKG Pro but having extensive HR system experience and this strategic report of improvement opportunities and methods to fix them. This critical document helped me to hit the ground running.”

Kim had started working through the Wise System Optimization recommendations with the HR team when unexpected turnover within the payroll function occurred.

“Wise quickly jumped in and provided us with critical consulting payroll support until we could hire a new team. Having the relationship with Wise and knowing we could rely on their expertise really saved us.” A dynamic leader, Kim also harnessed Wise’s expertise to support project success when Blount acquired a new company in 2021. Valuing the Wise team as a responsive and knowledgeable resource, she has utilized consulting on projects ranging from developing a sophisticated total rewards statement to complex file feeds.

Kim says that as HCM manager for an agile company committed to digital transformation, she appreciates the variety of Wise expertise she can tap into. “Without the partnership with Wise, I wouldn’t have been able to make as big of an impact here. Part of the reason our HR team has been able to accomplish so much is that Wise is a shortcut to ensuring we are moving in the right direction and using time effectively. With Wise, you get a continual return on your investment.”

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Founded in 1946
  • Employees: 1,900
  • Headquarters: Fall River, Massachusetts

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