“My Payroll Manager Just Quit.”

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Having a bad day, aren’t you?

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The good news is, we have a Payroll SWAT team of super heroes that can come in and save the day! if you use UltiPro or any of the Ceridian products, including Dayforce, Wise Consulting can help you during this transition.

Our first questions will be “when is her/his last day?” and “is there documentation?”

Our Specialized Workforce Assistance Team (SWAT) Will Come To The Rescue!

Our Payroll SWAT solutions work in three ways to fit your organizational needs.

1. In an “emergency”, we take over to get payroll processed without interruption.

2. To find efficiencies in payroll operations, we analyze and fix your processes.

3. Our Backup Payroll Support allows you to rest easy because a plan is in place if/when needed.

When a payroll manager leaves, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you have a few options:



  • Find someone to fill in as you begin the recruiting process
  • Consider not replacing the person and outsourcing to a managed payroll services provider.


Regardless of your intended long-term direction, you have next to no time to prepare for the next pay period(s).

With in-depth knowledge and experience in UltiPro and Ceridian, Wise Consulting offers both short- and long-term support for your payroll process. Importantly, we work within your system, enforce your policies, and interact with your employees and managers. And, we bring our system and payroll expertise, our best practices, and our tools to create robust documentation.

Please give us a call or contact us through the form below. We’ll work with you and come up with a plan.

Pro-active Payroll Support:

FYI, if you are worried you may lose someone in a critical position in payroll, or are looking for disaster recovery options, OUR SWAT offer pro-active services creating and testing detailed documentation and checklists for your payroll processes.

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“Wise Consulting has pretty much become an extension of our organization. Their year-end project management and testing process is a great benefit to my organization. Their processes make year-end/year-begin a smooth and pleasant experience.”

— David L., Director Financial Operations, Neenah Paper, Inc.