We are an independent firm specializing in selected Human Capital Management and Workforce Management technology solutions. 

Founded in 1996 with a sole focus on HR and Payroll, Wise Consulting brings expertise and best practices to solve each client’s unique challenges. 

“...we translate your vision into a good investment.”

Working with Wise

Streamlined.  No nonsense. How can we help?

From the time you reach out to us throughout your engagement, our goal is to be responsive, supportive, and easy to work with.  Your first phone call may be with one of our Practice Directors or even our President. Let’s figure out how we can be a great partner for you – every step of the way.

The Wise Difference.

Experience from the get-go.  It starts with recruiting people with a passion for creating an environment for HR and Payroll professionals to excel through access to technology that really helps them.

Deep system knowledge translated into ideal configuration.  Today’s SaaS technology brings uber-flexibility and freedom from IT infrastructure to help organizations meet diverse needs.  The system itself is the clay.  Configuration molds the clay into something real.


Speaking your language.  Coaching you through an implementation, understanding new legislation, adopting best practices – we translate your vision into a good investment.


Looking out for your best interests.  “We don’t know what we don’t know!” Understanding your business and how legislative or technology changes can influence your path. Giving your team the confidence to make decisions with no regrets.

Taking on payroll staffing and complexity.  Our Managed Payroll offering is best described as “becoming your payroll department.”  Coupling certified payroll experts with in-depth system knowledge creates a team to take on even the most complex payroll environment.