Ultimate Software

Experience. Experience with UltiPro HCM solutions. Experience with payroll, HR and time & attendance. Experience with Cognos. Wise brings all of this experience to solve your problems.

Wise Consulting is the first and longest-term Ultimate Software independent consulting partner. We are proud of the long-term nature of our relationship with Ultimate and with many of our clients. These relationships transcend convenience or utility. These relationships are built on trust, shared passion, and true commitment to results.

Fully implementing and receiving value from your investment in UltiPro is critical. Our proven approach is tailored to each client's unique culture and goals.

Whether your organization is new to UltiPro or it has been in place for years, partnering with Wise Consulting brings an added level of support and confidence.


Wise Consulting support services of UltiPro HCM solutions include:


  • Full activation /implementation support for UltiPro HCM solutions
  • Facilitated front-end analysis and system configuration sessions
  • Short- or long-term payroll support – let us fill the gap if you lose someone in your payroll department
  • Managed Payroll – Wise becomes your payroll department, while you keep your UltiPro system in place
  • System optimization / system utilization review
  • Business process re-engineering to fit into UltiPro strengths
  • UltiPro Self-service analysis, implementation, and change management
  • Interface design and development
  • Current and historical employee data conversion
  • Cognos BI report development
  • Cognos BI report training (Cognos Connection, Query Studio and Report Studio)
  • Post implementation review and analysis
  • Talent Management solution implementation and integration including recruiting, onboarding, comp, and performance management
  • System and end user documentation (also known as a "safety net")
  • Preparing and assisting with year-end or Open Enrollment projects

 Client-side Support

The number one quality that drew me to Wise Consulting was the professional focus they had on listening to the client and working in a collaborative manner to find the best solutions to meet client needs.”
— Janece Rittenberry, PHR, VP, Human Capital Resources Manager – HRIS, Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.

Just implementing UltiPro?  Ready to add on more features or modules?  Bringing a new company into your current UltiPro system?

Our dedicated team understands the coordinated effort required between Ultimate resources and your management, users, and subject matter experts to maximize the value of a new integrated HR/Payroll solution.  Our Client Side Implementation Support services focus on rounding out your internal team to fill resource needs or time gaps to bring project success.

With our flexible approach, you decide where you need help, such as:

  • Overall project management.
    By facilitating communication, removing roadblocks, identifying inconsistencies, and preparing concise updates, the internal project manager will keep all team members focused, productive, and on track for meeting agreed upon timelines.

Organizational readiness activities.

  • By preparing and working through issues, you are setting your project up for success!
  • Assessing data accuracy and initiating activity to validate or clean prior to conversion.
  • Analyzing up and downstream system and data touch points to ensure consistency and readiness.
  • Identifying and addressing inconsistent coding or processes across units.
  • System / Functional Expertise
    Applying existing system knowledge, the Wise consultant will help ensure your team is properly and thoroughly documenting and describing all requirements and that the recommended solutions/approach are the best fit for achieving your objectives.
  • Hands-on Assistance
    Whether it is completing the Client Analysis Tool / Workbook or analyzing your state/local tax requirements or validating test results, your Wise consultant brings hands’ on assistance to ensure these critical tasks are completed thoroughly and on time.  You decide where you need help.
  • Technical Support
    Wise Technology resources can assist with extracting and scrubbing data coming from your current legacy system and ensuring it is “import ready” to load into your new UltiPro system.  We may also lead the efforts for coordinating with any third party vendor to fully define and test your interface files.
  • Project activities
    The client project team is ultimately responsible for making critical decisions which impact system setup.  The Wise consultant will facilitate internal discussions to support this decision-making, ensuring thoughtful consideration of current and future needs.  Not sure what reports you may need?  Your Wise consultant will review included standard reports, help match against your current output, and fill in the gaps with new Cognos BI reports, if appropriate.

UltiPro Technology Support


Highly skilled and reliable technical experts – backed by Wise’s team of implementation and managed payroll consultants – will fill your UltiPro technology resource gap.  With the fast pace of change putting extra workload and pressure on internal technology staff, Wise Consulting offers the technology support to meet your mission critical HR/Payroll demands.

Because Wise has been supporting UltiPro since 1998, the list of services and projects we have completed is long and varied.  And the possibilities exceed even this.  By ensuring optimal use of existing features, Wise Consulting will help you streamline routine processes, increase efficiency, and ensure HR and Payroll data is available to strategically support your organization’s HR plans and corporate goals.

Some of our past projects include:

  • Cognos BI Report development
  • Interfaces to third party vendors and all kinds of other internal systems
  • Customizing to meet unique needs for accruals, eligibility, custom expressions, web design, etc.
  • UltiPro Web analysis and configuration
  • System reconfiguration – when your needs change after initial implementation
  • Data conversion / cleansing
  • Software upgrade assistance
  • System utilization and configuration review
  • System performance assessment and fine tuning
  • Security analysis and setup – if things seem too cumbersome or limited, let us take a look
  • System and end user documentation – priceless!
  • Cognos 8 and end user training

UltiPro Managed Payroll


With Managed Payroll from Wise Consulting, we take over the day-to-day administration and compliance monitoring as well.  You retain your relationship with Ultimate Software – and your unique system setup.  Wise brings in highly trained and certified payroll specialists, proven processes, and UltiPro system expertise to completely ease the burden of staffing and managing this critical function. 

As an added bonus, our Managed Payroll leadership and Payroll Tax experts are also here to offer advice and strategy for implementing new programs or entering new tax jurisdictions.

Here are some reasons why clients chose to hire Wise to manage their payroll function:

  • Outsourcing non-core functions
  • Limited internal resources / turnover
  • Merger / acquisition / divestiture
  • Cost savings

Wise Consulting Associates has provided support for Ultimate Software’s product suite since 1998.  The Wise advantage comes from our extensive, hands-on experience and certifications and in-depth knowledge of UltiPro HCM solutions.

How can Wise do a better job with your payroll function?  Through our successful model:

“Wise has proven to be a valuable resource to assist us in achieving our HRIS goals. We have utilized Wise Consultants to create complex reports, review and provide best practice recommendations for our HRIS set-up and upload records from our previous HRIS into UltiPro. The work has been completed in a high quality manner, within established timelines and cost projections.”
— Shannon L. Devers, VP, Human Resources, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Implement and utilize technology to gain efficiency and support strategic objectives
  • Streamline operations through proven processes, audits, and compliance review

These services allow companies to run lean, focus on their core business, and be entirely confident their payroll process is designed around their specific needs and Wise’s proven payroll best practices. 

Managed Payroll is:

  • Full Payroll functional ownership, including compliance
  • Dedicated, client-specific teams –  CPP or FPC certified
  • Onsite and/or remote assistance
  • Support from HRIS and Payroll Tax Specialists

We service companies of all sizes and within all industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • many more

Wise Consulting Managed Payroll Services provide payroll experts to align strategy, ensure compliance, and remove the administrative and training burden ~ without sacrificing organizational control over this most critical and visible function. 

Cognos Training

To help your organization utilize the UltiPro Cognos 8 reporting to its fullest potential, Wise Consulting has created Cognos 8 training specifically for UltiPro.

This training consists of two one-day classes, held on-site at your location. We will supply all training materials and laptops needed for your team to have a true hands’ on experience. 

Wise Consulting offers the following courses:

  • Cognos Connection/Query Studio Training
    Target Audience: Functional system users that will be creating new reports, including recreating any that are currently in your library. These individuals are called “Business Authors” per Ultimate/Cognos.
  • Report Studio
    Target Audience: Technical system users that will be creating new, complex reports, including recreating any reports currently in your library. Report Studio is typically used by superusers who have access to both Query and Report Studio.

Optimization Services

After the initial efforts around your UltiPro HCM solutions implementation, it is critical to continue to expand the adopted functionality – both to take advantage of new features added with each update and to achieve the potential from the complete UltiPro offering.  Wise offers targeted optimization-related “packages” which may be selected singly or strung together for a more robust engagement.

  • Get Current Workshop
    Find out what new features have been added since you implemented or last upgraded your UltiPro system.  Includes a road map based upon your priorities.
  • Reporting 
    Much of the value of an integrated HR/Payroll/Workforce Management solution is in the decision support capability resulting from the organization and type of data captured and in the power of the reporting tools.  Yet, most organizations focus on replacing their existing reports/spreadsheets during implementation and may never adopt the broader mindset of what is even possible now that they have a new system.  Our Wise consultant will help you better understand what is possible and define a strategy for leveraging your data.
  • System Utilization Review
    A comprehensive assessment of how well your organization is utilizing the UltiPro solution.  Includes interviews with current users and management and an evaluation of the system configuration.  Your findings and recommendations report identifies specific steps needed and defines the path to complete.