It is quite common for HR/Payroll and Time & Attendance systems to be significantly underutilized. 

Once implemented, the project team is disbanded and the assigned HRIS or system administrator is stretched to respond to end user inquiries and demand for reports.  Consequently, as new features are added with each upgrade, those benefits go unfulfilled until or unless this becomes a regular, focused initiative.

Likewise, those “phase 2” items that get tabled during the implementation in the name of meeting the “go live” deadline, may never have been completed.

And yet, often it is the “phase 2” items or the enhancements added with each upgrade that return the most value for your organization.

Wise Optimization Services

If you suspect your system is under-utilized, or your organization has changed since the initial implementation, Wise’s System Utilization Review provides a great starting point to assess how well and how fully your solution is configured to meet your needs.  We start with known questions or issues.  If you are starting to wonder whether you need a new system, this is definitely the place to start.

Even if you are fully satisfied with how your system is meeting the day-to-day requirements, learning how the enhancements released since your initial implementation may bring consolidation, streamlining, and significant added value.

Deliverables from a System Utilization Review

  • Initial questionnaire to gather concerns
  • Facilitated session to dig a little deeper into concerns or questions and educate the team on system features included or available within your UltiPro or Ceridian solution.
  • Findings analysis and report
  • Roadmap to implement desired changes
  • Implementation services or training to enable better self-sufficiency
  • Strategy to stay abreast of ongoing system enhancements or changing organizational needs

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