You have given it your best shot. But either the volume or complexity of the reports needed are impossible to complete in a reasonable time frame. You need help.



Wise Consulting partners with our clients with a blend of services designed to meet your specific objective. Services range from training to development to ongoing execution and maintenance. Sometimes, we discover delivered, standard reports are available to meet your needs.

Generally, we start with a discussion and review of the general or specific reports or analytics you are seeking. How are you getting this information now? Pulling data into Excel and manipulating? How is the report being used? Is there an alternative to get to the same information? By looking at these examples, we set the stage for what is possible and develop a strategy with you for creating accurate and timely reports.

UltiPro’s Cognos BI



Wise Consulting has been providing onsite Cognos BI training for over 15 years. Our training and user friendly documentation enable end users to build their own reports using Cognos Connection, Query Studio, and Report Studio. End users are able to navigate through the Cognos Portal, creating a report with the proper report query items and calculations, embedded filters and prompts, and formatted beautifully.

Wise consultants will work with you to analyze report requirements and develop Cognos BI reports that combine company and employee data, and eliminate the need for manual manipulation to obtain the results you seek. Simple to complex. Multiple queries, joins, and calculations. Expand your UltiPro utilization through robust reporting and analytics.

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart in regard to helping us out immensely during this time. [Your resources] were highly professional. They were a tremendous asset for assisting us for payroll, as well as writing/answering report questions. Just terrific.”
— University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.

Sample reports created and/or modified recently:

  • Insurance billing (individual and combined) and census
  • Leave balance liability
  • Turnover
  • Affirmative Action / Adverse Impact
  • Job, salary changes
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Salary survey
  • Benefits summary and Total Compensation Statements

Ceridian Dayforce HCM/WFM

As new Dayforce users, there is much to learn about reporting and extracting data from Dayforce. Beyond the data included in standard Topics, you may need to include other information. Understanding the data structure and how to use the Topic Builder opens up significant possibility for obtaining the reports or data extracts you need.

Wise Consulting can address your Dayforce reporting needs by:

  • Creating the reports for you
  • Partnering and educating your team on entities, data structure and Topic Builder to develop the high priority reports together and then guide your team through additional reports
  • Creating new Topics for your team to access
  • Creating filters you can use to select the details you need by report
  • Providing ongoing support