As a Ceridian Certified Gold Services Partner since our founding in 1996, Wise Consulting supports all Ceridian products. 

HR/Payroll Latitude (HPL) and HR/Payroll Web (HPW)

We have hundreds of clients continuing to use HPL and HPW and the Signature mainframe payroll system. While it is no longer being developed by Ceridian, all indications are these products will continue to be supported for several years.                                        

Wise Consulting offers extensive services for these products, including:

“A Ceridian implementation lead us to Wise Consulting over 10 years ago. Their depth of experience keeps us there. No problem is too big or small, they have helped us every step of the way.”
— US Chamber of Commerce
  • Interface development
  • Reporting
  • End user training
  • Documentation
  • Short-term or long-term payroll support
  • Audit and reconciliation
  • And more!

If you are in the process of evaluating Dayforce HCM and WFM, we are happy to speak with you and your team about the migration process. Our client-side implementation consultants work side-by-side with your team, bridging the gap of knowledge between the two systems and easing the transition to Dayforce.

Source 500 and Source Assist

If you are still using one of these Ceridian solutions, you are not alone! Wise has been supporting these products since they were first released. If you need a modification, training, or are suddenly experiencing challenges, we are happy to discuss a solution with you.

Dayforce HCM/WFM

As a Ceridian Certified Gold Services Partner, Wise Consulting received training and began working with Dayforce WFM and Dayforce HCM upon their initial release.

Testing. Training. Documentation. Converting to a new HR/Payroll and Time and Attendance system can be a risky endeavor. Through thorough testing, robust and timely training, and end user and technical documentation, that risk is completely minimized.

Through our Managed Payroll offering on Ceridian Dayforce, the Wise team gains in-depth experience and insight into the “day-to-day” functionality of this product. Our team of certified payroll professionals are using Dayforce to handle US and Canadian payroll operations, including tax, general ledger, self-service, and banking. The partnership between Wise’s Managed Payroll team and our Dayforce Implementation team further benefits you by having the added availability of hands on experts to assist during the implementation with testing, data validation, and then with user training and documentation. 

Post Go-Live Support


As upgrades are released, as users and managers seek further features, or as your organizational requirements change, Wise Consulting provides personalized service to help you achieve your desired results. With ‘knowledge transfer’ as a primary objective, our consultants work with you to identify map out solutions.

Here are some more thoughts on this subject.

Dayforce Technology and Project Support

Wise Consulting has been supporting Ceridian applications since 1996 and has been involved in a wide range of projects.  Our highly skilled technical consultants can step in to help with all sorts of projects from complicated data conversion / clean up to providing support during open enrollment and year-end.  Allowing you to allocate your internal resources to what matters most – your employees.

Wise brings expertise that comes from many years of partnering with Ceridian and implementing Dayforce since its’ initial release.

  • Data conversion or review of system – prepare for cleansing
  • Report development and planning
  • Design and development of interfaces and carrier feeds
  • Preparing and support help for open enrollment season
  • Year-end project support
“One the greatest challenges we have with our transition to Dayforce and our efforts to produce timely, accurate payroll is to learn what we don’t know about our various systems. Your consultant’s broad knowledge and positive attitude have been valuable in learning about and dealing with this knowledge gap. Wise Consulting helped us focus on our needs and be prepared for the this important deadline.”
— John J. Sullivan, VP Finance / Controller, Bartell Drugs

Managed Payroll

You already outsource your payroll to Ceridian. So, how is “managed payroll” different? 

With Managed Payroll from Wise Consulting, we take over the day-to-day administration and compliance monitoring as well. You retain your relationship with Ceridian – and your unique system configuration. Wise brings in highly trained and certified payroll specialists, proven processes, and Ceridian system expertise to completely ease the burden of staffing and managing this critical function. 

As an added bonus, our Managed Payroll leadership and Payroll Tax experts are also here to offer advice and strategy for implementing new programs or entering new tax jurisdictions or even new countries.

Here are some reasons why current clients chose to engage Wise to manage their payroll function:

  • Outsourcing non-core functions
  • Limited internal resources / turnover
  • Merger / acquisition / divestiture
  • Cost savings

How can Wise do a better job with your payroll function? Through our successful model:

  • Implement and utilize technology to gain efficiency and support strategic objectives
  • Streamline operations through proven processes.

Managed Payroll is:

  • Full Payroll functional ownership, including compliance
  • Dedicated, client-specific teams – all CPP or FPC certified
  • Support from HRIS and Payroll Tax Specialists

Wise Consulting’s Managed Payroll Services provides payroll experts to align strategy, ensure compliance, and remove the administrative and training burden — without sacrificing organizational control over this most critical and visible function. 

Is Managed Payroll on your mind because your payroll manager just quit?

Are you considering outsourcing your payroll function?