Managed Payroll Services

“Payroll” is probably not your part of your organization’s mission statement. But it is ours! Mitigate the risk of payroll errors and non-compliance with Wise Consulting’s Managed Payroll. 


“One of the greatest challenges we have with our transition to Dayforce and our efforts to produce timely, accurate payroll is to learn what we don’t know about our various systems. Your consultant’s broad knowledge and positive attitude have been valuable in learning about and dealing with this knowledge gap. Wise Consulting helped us focus on our needs and be prepared for this important deadline.”
— John S., VP Finance/Controller, Bartell Drugs

Managed vs In-house 

Many organizations default to hiring people internally to handle payroll, with the function managed either in Human Resources or in Finance (about a 50/50 split). Beyond ensuring the staff is trained and has proper backup, compliance responsibility also falls on your shoulders – including federal, state/provincial, and local. 


Wise’s solution has been fine-tuned over 20+ years to bring our clients the expertise and support needed, all while allowing our clients to retain control over policies and practices. 

How it Works 

Wise Consulting’s Managed Payroll services include the full range of payroll management and administrative tasks. You continue to use the software that is in place (or the software you have just selected), and you retain your corporate policies. We bring our dedicated team of certified payroll specialists, each with knowledge and expertise of your software, and our payroll best practices. The result is a seamless transition and seasoned payroll professionals in charge. The Sky is the Limit on how far we help you to fully utilize your system for data capture via employee and manager self-service. We are not a ‘call center’, but we do handle employee and manager calls and emails. It’s all about personalizing the experience, and the team, to meet your specific needs.