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Why a Dedicated HR/Payroll Systems Resource "SUPER HERO" Can Help Save the Day!

Do you have a dedicated person in your HR/Payroll department who has expert knowledge about the functionality of your Payroll system? If not, you may be missing a key resource that will ultimately save your company time and money.

In an age of lightning-speed technical advances, training your HR/Payroll professionals in the basic workings of your Payroll system is not enough. With each new update, there are often new functionalities. If you’re not aware of them, you’re not taking full advantage of your system.


“Human resources information systems have evolved since the 1980s from relatively simple computer applications to virtual vaults of sophisticated human resources information and processes.”1
Ruth Mayhew, Writing for the Houston Chronicle’s Small Business section

The responsibility of a dedicated HR/Payroll systems resource person would be to keep you versed in the most beneficial and cutting-edge features that your system has to offer.


Successful HR/Payroll Departments Have Dedicated System Resources

You may object to the idea of bringing on a new employee or consultant who is dedicated to one system due to cost. Having an expert resource eliminates the possibility of your team failing to notice or implement new functionality that would have kept you compliant with a new local or state regulation, which can be costly. Without a knowledgeable systems expert, you might not know how to keep up with system enhancements and reap additional ROI from your system.

Many large companies have either a systems analyst or a technician who is familiar with HR/Payroll systems. The ideal is to hire someone who understands HR/Payroll processes and is also technically trained. This person can handle system implementation and upgrades and train both HR/Payroll professionals and IT on how to use any new functionality as it arises.

Mayhew observes, “If your company isn’t big enough to have a dedicated human resources technology specialist, consider outsourcing.” HR/Payroll consultants can act as project managers on implementation and all subsequent upgrades so your HR/Payroll team doesn’t have to take time away from their core responsibilites. The downside of course is cost, but the money invested in hiring an HR/Payroll project expert can be made up when you start utilizing the system’s enhancements to improve speed, accuracy, and strategic decision-making.


Just Scratching the Surface of Your System’s Capabilities?

The fast-paced, competitive nature of HR/Payroll software vendors has upped the ante in system functional sophistication. Upgrades often offer new features that bring big benefits—if you know about and use them. But without a dedicated system resource, you might not even be using functionality introduced two upgrades ago. Maybe you haven’t had time to dig deeper or you never made it a priority. Meanwhile, valuable tools remain hidden away in the system.

A dedicated system employee or consultant can take the time to learn the new offerings, identify an implementation and rollout plan, and train your department on how to use them to your benefit.


What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Let’s say you decide you want to offer new employees an automated way to complete their new hire documents, sign up for needed services, and learn more about your company—even before their first day. You start investigating systems, not realizing that your current Payroll setup already has this “on boarding” functionality. Now you are maintaining (and interfacing) two systems when you could have a single, integrated solution.

That oversight will cost you in time and money. If you still aren’t convinced of the value of a dedicated resource for your payroll, at the minimum you should be maintaining a close relationship with your system vendor to stay abreast of any changes. If some big developments are on the horizon, you can contact an HR/Payroll systems consultant for some in-depth training on the new functionality so everyone on your team knows how to use it.




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