Ceridian Dayforce Technology Support

 Distinct Partnership

Wise’s support standards, deep system knowledge and broad industry experience is unparalleled. Legislative and technology changes can impact your business. Our current knowledge gives teams the confidence to make critical business decisions. Depend on Wise when analyzing  current systems, needing emergency payroll back-up, or requiring reliable output from your HCM/WFM solution. 

“I think a key factor in all the success we have had is due to the trust that you develop when working with the Wise consulting team. You realize pretty quickly that the Wise team of experts that take time to know your company needs, expectations and how you work! It’s awesome.”
—  Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.

The goal of the Technology Support team is to take a ____________ approach to get the most accurate and efficient

Wise Consulting's Ceridian Technology Support Includes:

System Upgrades



A comprehensive assessment of how well your organization is utilizing the Ceridian solution. The goal of a System Review is to take a wholistic approach to get the most out of this critical business system.


HRIS Support


Our consultants will interview key stakeholders, including       current users and management to understand their unique processes, challenges and vision.


Interface Development


An evaluation of the system configuration will be conducted. Organizational climate at the time of implementation and subsequent organizational changes are taken into account.

Report Development


A report with findings and recommendations is presented to the team. This report identifies specific steps needed and defines a path to complete these steps.

Use the flight plan provided by Wise to elevate your organization to higher heights. The Sky is the Limit!



• Specialist resources with knowledge, experience, training, continual education, certification (CPP, FPC)

• Partnership aligned with organization’s strategy

• Advanced technology usage and leverage

• Security and confidentiality risk reduction

• Automation whenever possible to reduce errors from manual intervention

• Opportunity to redeploy internal people or reallocate positions

• Eliminate turnover risk

• Savings of expenses in recruitment, retention, training, development, and certification

• Increased service level performance