Ceridian Dayforce Short-Term Payroll Support

 Distinct Partnership

Wise Consulting’s Dayforce Long-Term Payroll Support services include the full-range of payroll management and administrative tasks.  You continue to use the software that is in place (or the software you have just selected), and you retain your corporate policies. We bring our dedicated team of certified payroll specialists, each with knowledge and expertise of your software, and our payroll best practices. The result  is a seamless transition and seasoned payroll professionals in charge.

“Wise Consulting has pretty much become an extension of our organization. Their year-end  project management and testing the process is a great benefit to my organization. Their processes make year-end/year-begin a smooth and pleasant experience.”
— Neenah Paper, Inc.


Wise Consulting's Ceridian Payroll Support Services Include:

Managed Payroll



Wise Consulting solves inquiries and ensures appropriate cross-training.


Compliance Support


Payroll processing ownership: schedule, garnishments, hires, terminations, mass changes, system maintenance, auditing.


Tax Oversight


US and Canadian Quarterly and Year End tax audit and reconcilement, SSN verification, agency refunds/discrepancies, tax compliance issue research and resolution, W2 and T4.


Garnishment Support


Wise reviews, recommends and oversees compliant payroll practices.

The traditional term “payroll outsourcing”, first coined by payroll service bureaus, includes check printing, tax filing, the gross-to-net payroll software and the associated maintenance of tax tables. However, the work associated with accurately paying individual employees and properly accounting for all associated transactions continues to lie squarely with you, the employer. You still need a well-educated and trained payroll team. The advantages of of have Wise Consulting by your side include:



• Specialist resources with knowledge, experience, training, continual education, certification (CPP, FPC)

• Backup and recovery

• Partnership aligned with organization’s strategy

• Advanced technology usage and leverage

• Security and confidentiality risk reduction

• Automation whenever possible to reduce errors from manual intervention

• Opportunity to redeploy internal people or reallocate positions

• Eliminate turnover risk

• Savings of expenses in recruitment, retention, training, development, and certification

• Increased service level performance